Sony RX100 VI Preview: the PERFECT Compact Camera?

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This is a preview of the Sony RX100 VI that was just announced in NYC. We will be getting a hands on with the camera shortly to take out for a Real World Review. This video was shot on the Sony a9 with 24-70 2.8 G Master

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Jared Polin says:

What do you think, perfect or is it too expensive and losing the 1.8 is bad??

B Adventures Travel Vlogs says:

Great review. I enjoyed your seeing how to use the tech along the way. Some low light / night shots would also be good.

Night Stringers says:

unrelated Jared do you ever age? lol thanks for the great info on this one

Michael Lesmana says:

I would say 200mm f4.5 match for detective not for photographer 😂

KirkSaysYes says:

Im not a techie person but why does point and shoot have high f stop? This has 2.8… a normal android phone has 2.0 which will be brighter. I hope someone will make a compact camera to have at least 1.9f stop or lower.

Dave Quick says:

Still going to stick with my Mark III. Too expensive. If I need better zoom I'll use my Nikon D 500.

TheNASCARknowitall says:

Honestly pretty excited for this camera only for the fact that it'll make the IV more cheap. However I own a Canon and I wish they'd update the G7x to compete with the latest RX100 models

Dale Everett says:

Still waiting for your real life hands on review. You are the best.

Bhavika Ahuja says:

Can u Sony Rx 100 vi real world review? Can u plsss

Bhavika Ahuja says:

Can u tell me that is Sony Rx 100 vi have Panaromic mode or not

Sinan Fathulla says:

1200 dollar too much! so just buy a6500 or buy a lens/prime for your current camera!

mad youtubster says:

No mike? I will consider cannon m50

Kavarian Joe says:

so which one is better the mark V or mark VI ??? i want to use it as youtube and vlog camera ? can you advise me please .

János Pintér says:

If you are mainly in taking photos, not interested in videos, what is the best choice for you in the rx100 series? The model III?

Mark Soukup says:

I'm sure the RX100VI is a great camera and will have excellent image quality and amazing AF compared to similar competition. However, Sony isn't the first to put out a 1 inch compact megazoom camera, as Panasonic came out with the ZS100 a couple years back.

Sony RX100VI vs. Panasonic ZS100
4K 5 min limit ——–> 4k 15 min limit
24-200 2.8-4.5——–> 25-250 2.8-5.9
24 fps ——–> 50 fps
$1,200. ——–> $548 (on sale now)

And since both are similar in size with a 1 inch sensor at 20 MP, I think I'll just keep using my ZS100 as I'm content with it. The ZS200 is also out now with a slightly slower but longer range 24-360mm 3.3-6.4 lens for $798. Take your pick.

isaacmijangos says:

tbh i wish they got rid of the flash no one uses and gave it a hot shot mount and mic input…. also wayyyy to expensive imo

gyes99 says:

Are you breeding birds on your head?

Matt Horton says:

What gimbal would you recommend with this camera?

steven franko says:

I wish Panasonic would update the lx100. I think it's safer at that price to buy one of the fuji mirrorless options instead for a backup camera

Michael De Lazzer says:

I'm re-thinking my last series of concerns about the VI.

First, I should note, I dropped my MK V from about 5 feet off the ground onto concrete. It's currently heading back to Sony for surgery. It has Linda Blair Syndrome (the lens keeps cycling in and out and I have no picture) and the case is bent.

So do I go with the V or the VI as a replacement?

My primary purpose with this camera is as a b-cam 2-shot on my interview shoots. That's 90 percent of how I use this camera. For a 2-shot in an interview, I'm at least at f/5.6. Otherwise I'm risking putting one person in focus and the other out of focus.

I've had focus issues with the V. It will sometimes lose my subjects and jump to the background. That's a real problem. The VI has a much more sophisticated focus scheme where it locks onto an eye. That's a real boon– even more, it's touch to focus. Another good thing.

Yes it lacks an external mic, but so does the V. So that's a wash.

The new camera comes with a lot of SLOG type color schemes– now I don't generally use them because my interviews turn around fast, there's no time to grade, so I usually don't bother with ungraded shooting. I've also heard SLOG limits you to ISO 1000. Some of my interviews on the V are shot as ISO 1600, so again, what am I worried about?

So that leaves me with really only 1 concern: the ND filter. That's a real problem when shooting outdoors, but most of my interviews are shot indoors under field lighting. No need for an ND.

I'm buying the MK VI, and keeping the V for some of those more unusual situations, and to take still images during shoots. I'll still have to deal with the audio. And I'm buying some sort of bumper/housing so it can take a drop without smashing.

One last plus– I can share all of my batteries between the 2 cameras– as long as I remember to grab the chargers before I check out of the hotel. I have a bad habit of leaving them in the wall.



TheIkaika777 says:

$1200 for a slower lens, and for a camera that’s marketed as, “a great vlogging camera” it still doesn’t have a mic jack which was the biggest complaint of the RX series, and they got rid of the ND filter. Lame. I guess you have to wait for the RX VII or VIII.

Jarpen Emeletele says:

Why don't they connect with bluetooth mics? I know the mic input takes space etc but bluetooth is already there!

Robert Smithington says:

I guess that is fills a niche, but if you’re spending $1200 on something like this, it just seems like you either like spending money, or you might just regret this later. Otherwise, for $200 more, you can have an RX10 with a 24-600mm zoom. 600mm is worth a lot of money these days, especially in that Zeiss glass.

The Joker En Introspección says:

Sony the Best 😎

Christoph K. says:

A very sucking camera. I want something with wide angle lens. 24mm isn't satisfying.

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