Sony RX100 VI Hands-on

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I test out Sony’s latest superzoom compact camera in Venice!

Sony RX100 VI:

Birocratic – Don’t Leave
Joakim Karud – Canals…
Birocratic – Nesting
Birocratic – Garoto


Sumedh Desai says:

NICE AWSM VIDEO …please will u make a comparison video of RX10 M4 vs RX 100 M6…i know these are diff cameras …but want to clear out if rx 100 can close in on rx10 on some level …esp image quality ! thank you !

EVIL JOE says:

WHICH CAMERA DID U USE Apart from sony rx100 on the video? i like it much more

Spacemonkeymojo says:

I don't get why these cameras appeal to people. I mean sure the size would be an important factor but the A6000 series isn't that much larger and would offer better images no?

BLUE Lawin says:

You are n Italy..

FullSpectrumuk says:

You had a spider on your sensor bro.

BLUE Lawin says:

Put everything a bloggers need and for sure everyone will buy it.

Culinary Growers Organic LLC says:

Hi Kai !
We so much enjoy your perfect english accent
Thanks 😆

David García Arévalo says:

I just got this rx100 Mark VI and I only have 25, 50 and 100 fps available. How can I get 30, 60 and 120 fps?? Thanks!

akaban01 says:

Hows image stabilization on this?

and ? says:

Legend has it that in one of his videos there isn't a single shot with sensor dust.

Bracks says:

that boat driver is in great shape!

James McGoldrick says:

Kindly refrain from cursing when making your videos, thank you.

Picalbuck says:

3:14 FBI open up

theonlyredspecial says:

good review, just a shame there is a dirty sensor all the way through the video. I was trying my best to ignore it, but my OCD came into play and I ended up not even listening to the dialogue. 🙁

rex abdurrahman says:

Kai on 7:22 did you forget to colour grade?

Djamel Eddine says:

3:14 😁😁 you dirty pervert 😁😁

thatrudyguy says:

Wtf happened in minute 2:42?!

Roberto Anastasio says:

Beautiful dusty

Polska Grupa Sony Rx- Polish Group says:

DOGE™ says:

This or the A6000?

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