Sony RX100 MKIII Review!

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RX100 3: The best pocket camera in the world got better!

RX100 MKI:

Sony RX100 M2 Review:

Video Gear I use:

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Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

Technically you are a vlogger if your on youtube reviews are a type of vlog

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

With 10,000,000 subscribers I doubt you will answer but what camera are you using to film videos? Thanks

Mark Mathosian says:

Just bought one in 2019 because it is still in Sony’s lineup and still one of the best point and shoots in the marketplace. 👍

Joy Dubai says:

I just subscribed to your channel. Ofcourse am buying this tomorrow since am starting my channel next week.

Mr 2nd says:

Still expensive for me😭

Peter Wood says:

That desktop image I've used it too hehe

Peachy Pound says:

What about the Canon G7 Miii? In comparison that is.

Glaze Hikes says:

Awesome review !! And your personality is great !! Thanks dude

Abhishek Dave says:

4:20 take a screeshot for desktop

Timi Oke says:

About to buy this badboy in 2019

jaspal singh says:

Does the RX100 VA model have a better sensor than RX100 3?

Awais Video says:

How do you get good audio on it

Sachin Mhatre says:

What are its competitors in 2019? Which we is recommended for similar price range. Expectation is family, travel and some social legal usage.
Further today's technology how we will compare RX100 M3 vs Samsung Note 9 vs OnePlus 7 vs Pixel 3a for similar price range from camera perspective

Janne Nordman says:

I have filmed all my videos with rx100 III – the only downside that i see is that you need to record audio separately.

GenuineArticle71 says:

For the EVF, i got laser eye surgery and can see far but my vision looking at things up close is not good. Is there a control that will make the viewfinder set to my eyesight?

Torben Møller says:

It is actually not 24mm f/1.8. It us 8,8mm f/1.8 as they write on the lense. If you want to convert this to full frame equivalent you need to conver both the focal lenght AND the apperature. So the equivalent is is 24mm f/4.9. You can also check this by looking at the deptht if field which reflect this. A common miscalculation though.
Else a super camera and video. I own the camera and are supper happy with it.

Tia C says:

Sony should sponsor your videos bc after watching your reviews on this RX100 series this morning I went out and bought the mark III !
(the IV and V were so out of my price range lmao) keep doing you, love the detail and depth of your reviews <3

antzpantz says:

"I'm not a vlogger" hah!

Azrul Affanddi says:

I want the daftpunk poster pleaseee

Shammi is Hero says:

Is SONY RX 100 Good enough to make a short film ?

Fruitarian says:

Can it take a good shot of a subject infront of a light or sun?

Matt Brum says:

4:06 sensor closer to a DSLR size? 1 inch sensor is closer to an APSC or FF?? lol

laura mcfabulous says:

Great review! Thanks so much!

AbO DhM says:

i want to sell this by 900 AED talk to me if you want ( its new i just got mark 5 thats why i want to sell this )

Daniel Nadar says:

Hey Marques! I am just starting out a youtube channel, a travel vlog kind of.. I am confused which camera would be best for vlogging?? canon g7x mark ii or sony rx100 M3? please let me know. I have a Nikon d5200 dslr and can i use it for vlogging and what would be the best lens for it or should i stick with these pocket camers?

Harrison Broadbent says:

who's watching in 2019???

damian smith says:

Idk if the camera is small or your hands are just big… 🤔

Oscar Estevez says:

Great video….. thanks! I was shopping for a camera and this was one of the ones I was considering. You really helped.

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