Sony RX100 IV vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – 4k Camera Comparison

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Here is our camera comparison between the one of the best compact camera, the Sony RX100 IV vs one of the best camera on a smartphone. the Samsung Galaxy S6.

More info on the Sony RX100 IV:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Watch our Review for the Sony RX100 IV:

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sey 30 Spyderco says:


Dee Dee says:

Music is annoying 🙄

Maya Singh says:

S9 would reck Rx 100 lol

Ana Silvia Santana Vilela says:

Falando em câmera é difícil um se comparar com a sony

Marc Benouchi says:

Actually your comparison is useless because you omit to compare the devices in low light conditions where the RX100 completely outperform the smartphone

PepiSchmeichel says:

I think some galaxy s6 's have samsung sensors

Augustine Elmquist says:

There is no way for smartphones to beat standalone digital camera even with DSLR or non DSLR in any condition. Bright or low light. Digital camera is surely are winner in this competition. Even dual lenses smartphone cannot beat standalone camera even with micro photo shoot

Village TV says:

S6 would have lost in low light! Mobiles can not beat cameras in low light and at night shots!

Cahyana Igneel says:

I think s6 is very good in picture and sony has a little brighter video..both are good..i amaze with s6 camera..

Jordan Kashim says:

can you also make a comparison of nikon aw100 to any flagship smartphone? thanks.

Appetite_For_Gaming says:

not much in the comparison but you get more for your money getting an s6,.

Tasos Kapatos says:

I'm surprised to see how much better S6 is compared to the sony. You can hide the description and I can still tell you with 100% accuracy which photo was taken by each camera. I am perplexed because I need a camera but as I can see, the good components are less important than the overall technology. It seems like the Samsung I love to hate has started taking photos seriously. I only wish this were true for the rest of it's software. Incredible… yet I would love to see some low light picture comparison before I start liking Samsung products.

Gustavo Ulloa says:

Sony: less noise, and great HDR… In video, the difference is huge! You have to tried in very low light situation!

EpicBrownGuy says:

Dude! You're from Cloverdale????

Mistypix Studios says:

shitty video. wherever a phone camera is involved , the video is a guaranteed piece of shit , just like the photo it captures. WHERE IS THE FUCKING LOW LIGHT?

baxtiar ali says:

the digital camera is beter than smartphon .

bthdimension says:

You basically compared the cameras only in situations where the S6 shines. I have an S7 and yes, close-ups in daylight look fantastic.
As soon as you have a landscape with lots of detail or as soon as you try to work in low light, the phone gets into lots of trouble. Even a Nokia Lumia 1020 or a 10 years old Lumix outperforms the S7 by far. I actually really miss my Lumia when it comes to the camera (but as a phone it kinda sucks ^^).
So as soon as I want to take decent shots while travelling, I'm forced to take a good compact camera or even my DSLR with me.

BoomStick Tactical says:

Thanks for the video.

Mar tin says:

Just got the Rx 100iv. I am wondering, what settings did you use? Is there ISO too high? I never got those low contrast video on my previous one (mark 2). Sure can do it in post processing. But against those the the samsung looks like a candyshop on LSD.

Jacob Tran says:

next time pls get straight to the point.

Dive Another Day says:

As a friend once said… the best camera is the one with you. S6 did great actually.

Dragos Mardale says:

you've just convinced me not to get the first rx100 (I have an OnePlus 3 )

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