Sony RX100 IV Review: Pocket 4K!

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The best pocket camera ever made, now with 4K video!

Shot on the RX100 4:

RX100 IV:

RX100 MKIII Review:

Kingston SD Card:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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Jessibel decardi says:

which is better apple iphone or rx100

Mihai Alex says:

Hello, I need some help/guidance/advice.

Could you please suggest a poin and shoot/compact camera that can achieve a bokeh effect? My interes is to have a bokeh effect for a big object-car/people, not in macro photography.

I have a Sony RX100 …did not achieve until today a bokeh effect.

If there is no such a decent option on a compact camera, please suggest a camera and lens easy to do pictures with bokeh. ( not a 200$ gear, i’m not a pro).

Searched online info…hard to find an answer, that’s why I ask a practician, a person who uses every day a camera and can give me an advice.

Fella says:

Thanks for the video! Which camera would you then recommend to start a Youtube channel and to vlog while making 4k videos, and with a reasonable price!

shapeshfters says:

That time restriction makes me sad.

Walymandias says:

could you reveiw the mk5

Zack Butler says:

gives up too much for the form factor


Can you change the lens?

Doctor Moossy says:

So frustrating that the new mark VI STILL doesn't have an audio input :@

Angur Bikel says:

What is the cost of rx 100
Please tell in rupees

Chris Parayno says:

Who here is still using the mkiv!

Lucky Never says:

Rx100vi. Still no mic in and still overheat lol

Inkognito Modus says:

Mark VI rewiev!

eatthesixx says:

Are you going to do a review of the V

Freeman Bismarck says:

it does not work with iphone the NFC

RII Music says:

I’m scared of his hands 🙁 they r too big

Kaito Hamada says:

Ok, so i'm new at photography and is this still worth it buying in 2018? And for beginers?

Sujith Penubothu says:

Why I got this video in 20 18 😢

TrapAT /-; says:

The footige is Good, but i have a little sand under the ring and it felt ones. It broke a bit on the left upper corner, Screen side, were the viewfinder is. AND i can move the middle ring of the objective… it is working well but everything is so tiny, that it is Breaking faster than… yeay. Be careful, better😅

Awla videos says:

Hello Canon you ok bro

Kimball Yates says:


Mohammad Atif says:

Yo where's the video for V!?? 🙂

Jeb Pasillas says:

2018 and I’m looking for a video over the 5!!!

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