Sony RX100 IV Real World Review

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Sony RX100 IV Real World Review from NYC. Click Here to access the full res JEPGS, download 8 RAW Files and read the 6000 word review.

If you would like to pick up one of these cameras you can do so on AMAZON

In the past I have primarily focused on doing reviews of just DSLR style cameras. But today there is a whole world of cameras that deserve the “Real World Review” attention. From Mirrorless to Micro 4/3rds to smart phones and even smaller point and shoot pocket cameras.

That’s why when Sony asked me if I would like to take the RX100 IV out for a spin I decided to say yes. Sony has been pushing the technology envelope in camera development over the past five years to some pretty astonishing results. In fact Sony makes the image sensors in most of the Nikon cameras that I have used over the years.

When I decided to say yes to review this camera I wanted to make sure I gave it a fair shake. The best way to review anything, in my opinion, is to do a “Real World Review”. That’s why I chose to take this camera up to NYC for the day and really put it to the test.


Chucky Norris says:

Love how the AFRO takes up more than half the frame when vlogging. Agree on the ext microphone input. Haha nice SONY logo placement in your Times Square shots.

Nova Adriana Smit says:

Because of this video I just ordered it.

CJ Loh says:

Lack of 4K 60fps, Timelapse, Bokeh, GPS Location, Type C charge, Audio Jack.

Dawn Rice says:

Great review…

Lucas Zoonen says:

I watched the whole video without skipping anything.

Shiba says:

In which camera other person is shooting you! Thanks

OfficeBear says:

Man so weird seeing Bob Ross being in the recommended section while watching your video ahah

Dominik Schwarzer says:

Amazing Fotos! Thank you for the Video!

Eclipse says:


YaRo says:

great camera! I own it as well, still learning how to use this rx100m4 properly

mega killer says:

Such a great review man! Loved it.

pekow91 says:

Great vid, very thorough

Fret Plec says:

Great review. Very informative. I bought one. Thanks.

Ruta Emilija says:

Really torn between the RX100 v and RX100 iv scaling down from cropped sensor DSLR. This review makes me consider RX100 iv! It all looks awesome. Any advice???


Hey I know it's late but, would you recommend this cam for concerts? I'm torn between this and the rx0 because there's a external mic. Please I need your advice lol 😁

GangstaCat says:

Compare it to Panasonic TZ100, TZ200 (ZS200)…

GangstaCat says:

It cost ~1400EUR or ~$1627 in Sweden.

Jean Jacques HILTPOLD says:

Thanks so much …just bought one today . Got two Canon Mark III, with many lenses but i m quite tired of bringing all that in live shows.
I will see how it does soon. Did you try it for scene photography?

DARYL MT says:

I know this is an older review but i've been unsure about getting this camera for my gf as a present and having seen the amazing power of this camera i'm now in no doubt this would be ideal. Great review!! Also youre review on the Nikon D500 inspired me to get that for myself so a double thank you!

Iesha Green says:

You just jealous ton Fisher 😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂🤣

Bob Springfield says:

Jared, how did you get the RAW files? My Lightroom CC won't open them, yet. I used Sony's software to export TIFF files instead.

max larsen says:

What was this video recorded with ?

Obsidian17 says:

Great review Jared…nice photos…SONY just isn't my cup of Earl Grey but I do enjoy your vids.

Bearded Bastard says:

JPEG only? does that mean its good for sport shooting? 😉

Wanz Xlayer says:

That cop….😑

Pranavan Shoots says:

Great review

bb xbb says:

i don't get why sony invent this, just like a73 and a7r3, they are too similar, and now another similar product………

Mohsin Sait says:

4:35 proof that the Earth isn't flat. Jared out there challenging the flat Earth society.

xXxPR0GAMER69xXx says:

19:38 It's really funny to see someone snap a shot of Jared.

Lilly nan says:

Image quality & sharpness of SONY RX100 IV vs SONY RX100 I (the first model) = Is it the same?

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