Sony RX10 Review – Best Point and Shoot Style Camera Ever?

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Full Sony RX10 Review with high res sample photos:

The Sony RX10 is a point and shot camera designed for the serious enthusiast. At $1300 US it’s by no means cheap, but with top quality Zeiss optics, great ergonomics, build quality, killer image quality, and feature set, the price becomes much easier to swallow.

Is the RX10 the best all in one camera ever? I say yes! Compromises need to be made to have everything in one camera, and Sony figured out exactly what sensor, lens, and camera body to use. Then they put all the features and customizations us hardcore enthusiasts demand. The RX10 really is an awesome package and I wish I could afford to buy it honestly. Even at the rate of technology changing these days, the RX10 will be a great camera for a long time!

The RX10 is perfect for the family or photographer that needs power, image quality, versatility, and ease of use all in one package. Anybody can use it, because it really doesn’t get much easier than pointing and shooting. The results speak for themselves.

For video enthusiasts the RX10 is able to pump out raw uncompressed video for remote capture or viewing, via the HDMI port. This feature is normally only available on Pro grade video cameras! The video is also sampled from the entire sensor instead of the much smaller HD resolution in the center. This produces a much cleaner file with less flaws such as moire’. The RX10 also has an audio input jack and a headphone monitor jack. A built in ND filter also helps keep the shutter speeds at the frame rate you want which is extremely useful. The lens also has a switch to make the aperture not click at each stop.


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G L says:

How quick is the autofocus in video ?

werner kragner says:

Very nice, Thank's

Nicholas Berardo says:

This is a great review! I've watched a million camera reviews and I wish that every camera had a review like this one. So well done and helpful, thanks!

Iciban says:

have to ask, whats the background music you used in your vid? love the jazz

Ray Geary says:

going to get this now cheaper  in uk    2nd camera to my Fuji   like the 2.8 constant  nice review jay

Tom Gee says:

I don't know were the remark came from in your posters someone says you get killer image quality.
  see this reviewer  he says the image quality is crap

Mark Hunter says:

Great review, I bought this camera today after returning my 24-240 full frame Sony lens to Amazon due to very muddy video quality. Looking forward to shooting video with the RX10.

M G says:

how good is its buffer for sports shooting?

moimemesuis says:

I'd love this lens in my a6000. Do you recommend something to replace the kit lens?

nolly b says:

Thanks for your review of this camera I bought it recently and I am still learning about it so your review has given me a great insight into its workings keep up the good work and thanks once again.NOLLY

Pharmit24 says:

I don't like changing lens kinda camera so this camera is perfect for me.

MJ JF says:

Thanks for this informative review. I still can't get one thing straight though. How on earth can a one-inch sensor be so good, especially compared to A6000 which I was less than 24 hours away from buying it with sony 35mm f1.8 OSS. Would you please share your thoughts?

T B says:

I read few of your reviews and noticed that the testing fields are always the same. is it possible to alter them time to time? I Also want to say that Sony has to exclusively support your site and activities since are the best there is. Thank you.

Orlando Diaz says:

I could use your opinion on my camera choice.  I'm considering the RX10 or a6000 for a travel/vacation camera mainly for video use.  I really like the excellent low-light performance of the a6000 but also like the single lens, all in one package of the RX10 (plus new XAVC-S codec).  Considering ease of use, portability, cost and performance, which would be the better choice?


You are the best my friend. Great review. Amazing. Well done!

mbahmannz says:

hello jay , thanks for review, im looking for upgrading from my nex3 , what your opinion between rx10 vs a6000, i like to shooting my kids while the playing, but i found my nex3 missing so much action due to slow focus, please need advice , thanks , regards

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