Sony RX10 IV Camera: Ultimate Review

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Is the Sony RX10 IV the best all in one camera on the market? Let’s find out! I’ll start out by quickly going over the major features of the Sony RX10 IV and then I’ll go into why it’s a fantastic bridge camera for both photography and video.

We’ll then take a more detailed look at the RX10 IV’s features like the 4k video, slow and super slow motion, autofocus, touch screen, audio options connectivity and the lens. The RX10 Mark IV is a great bridge camera from Sony and I really enjoyed shooting both video and photos with it. .

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Tech Gear Talk says:

What's up everyone?! I hope this review of the Sony RX10 IV is helpful. Did you like it? Was there too much detail? Not enough? What did you like, and also, what did you not like? What would you like to see more of? Would love to know what you think, good or bad. I am grateful in advance 🙏 This a crazy all-in-one camera from Sony with 4K, good image and video quality, external mic input, slow motion and even super slow motion. Let me know what you think!!

Passionfruit Estate says:

Terrific review that was super clear. I appreciate that you give a balanced view of the pros and cons.

Joel custodio says:

I used any dslr brand like p1000… this one sony rx10iv feels that it can make this awesome portrait with great sensor, fucos object and more features than any cameras.this cameras makes you alive images very powerful quality if they know how to proper use. if i got this maybe im the best photographer in the world. This is the real art of photography camera.

Guitarboy saurav says:

Thanks for the video.

Kenneth Chartrand says:

Fantastic review Mark and a definite 2 thumbs up. I presently own a Lumix FZ1000 and saw that the FZ1000 M2 just came out and after viewing your review I'm thinking of getting the RX10 MIV instead because Panasonic just did a small incremental upgrade to the FZ1000 with the M2 version. I really do believe that the future of cameras will be the bridge camera's because everyone is getting tired of hauling around so much Glass (It reminds me of my old Nikon DSLR days with the 8 lenses that I would bring). Having 1 amazing bridge camera and shooting in Raw it the best of all worlds. Everyone one eventually ends up using lightroom in Post anyways and that contributes to around 50% of the image quality. The composition on the other hand is within the Camera Man 🙂 I would just like to say, many thanks on your very constructive analysis of the RX10 M4. Very much appreciated and I am Subscribing your channel right now.

morgando2 says:

Screen flip?
If youre talking about a piece of electronic gear why do I have see you.

parmeshwar shewhorak says:

Hello , I want to know how much iso does this camera has? Thank you

Uhn Lucky says:

Good review , l'd like a bigger sensor though and ND filters.

Michael Reif says:

Looking at this camera for travel. The mechanical zoom (rather than crank) may be a deal breaker. I had the original Sony 16-50 OSS kit lens I got with the Sony a6000. Hate the mechanical zoom.

David Brown says:

A brilliant detailed review that covered a lot of ground in a way that was interesting and easy to comprehend. The RX10 iv is an excellent all in one camera that ticks most if not all the boxes. I used to have one but still can’t resist the ‘addiction’ I have with DSLR’s and I changed to a D850 with just one lens – a 24-70 f2.8vr. This I took on a Greek holiday and it literally was a pain in the neck when you walk any distance with it ready to shoot. The only way I found to carry it without suffering was in a camera backpack but then I wasn’t ready to shoot. During that holiday I often wished I had kept the Sony that would have been ready to shoot at the drop of a hat. That is until I reviewed my D850 shots on a larger screen – the detail is stunning but if all you want to do is have an all in one lightweight camera with the ability to shoot almost anything or to record memories of a holiday in very, very good quality the RX10 iv is hard to beat.

Sorry, this is starting to sound like more of a review but I agree with all you said. I never really got to know my RX10 iv but now after seeing your review, in many ways I wished I had.

Efe Osayande says:

Yea. Great review and nicely shot and edited. However it seems I missed the use of external flash and the unbuilt flash lights. Was it there or deliberately left out?

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