Sony RX10 III Review — After Owning for 3 Months

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This is the Sony RX10 Mark III. A hybrid 20 megapixel photo and 4K video camera with a killer built-on 24–600mm lens.

I’ve been using this camera for the past three months on client shoots and doing personal tests with it, so in this video I’m going to do a full review of the camera body, lens, its buttons and features, share how I’ve used the PlayMemories app with it, go into the cons on the camera, and share who I think this camera is perfect for.

# Who is this camera perfect for?

I think this is the best all-around pro-consumer level hybrid camera on the market. I think it is the perfect camera for a parent or someone traveling, with the ability to not need extra lenses, but have a wide range to zoom in during sporting events, capture stills or video, and have that all in one compact package. Then you can quickly share what you captured wirelessly to your phone or TV.

I think this is also a great B-cam for someone that films on Sony cameras already (whether at the alpha 7 series level or up into the fs7 or fs5), since it has S-Log 2 and UHD 4K with extra zoom reach to 600mm that you probably don’t own a lens for.

This would also be a solid option as an all-in-one for a videographer filming documentary style, you won’t stand out with the small form factor and you’ll be able to capture beautiful footage handheld that is extremely usable in post without any stabilization. You could get solid still Raw photos out of it as well.

Personally I’ve been using it lately on a client project where I need a very detailed overhead camera angle to show calligraphy and being able to put a light 4K camera up high and control it from my phone has been incredible.

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JESSROCKED Channel says:

The things I hate about this camera are
– minimum focus distance is terrible (most annoying ever)
– zooming speed at fast is still slow
– zooming sound and small nudge movement that ruins the video
– no ND filter built-in
– super heavy which is why i switched to a6500
– grainy even at a low ISO
– lowest aperture f-stop is at f2.4 which really sucks

The only notable strength of this camera is the versatility like you're bringing 2 cameras in one.
It's good in most cases when traveling but if you're into artistic shots with shallow depth of field, stay away from this camera.

derestricted says:

Proper review. So many reviews especially on tube are garbage

Jarrod Concepcion says:

Just the kind of review I was looking for!

Martin Lynch says:

Very good presentation. Pity you never followed up with the RX10mk4?

Shyam Kawshal says:

Thanks for a very nice review. About the HDMI out, can I use a Atomos Ninja V with this Camera?

Mark Mathosian says:

Seems like a heck of a versatile camera. 👍

pgulysse1 says:


Thanks for this review.

Would like an update review + comparison on all Bridge/Superzoom cameras with 1" sensor available in the market:

– Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Mark II

– Leica V-Lux 5

– Panasonic Lumix FZ2000/3000

– Canon Powershot G3X

– Sony Cybershot RX10 Mark IV


QAnon On a Bong says:

Stop ending sentences as if they are questions.

Wayne Hickman says:

great review, very helpful

Lukas Meksula says:

Thanks for this movie! It is Helpfull

Yolkava Portfolio says:

Amazing camera! Bit pricey for me but maybe one day!

Nic Christie says:

I always like your videos. The Rx10m3 has worked out to be alright for me. I've found myself doing more photography lately. The reason I'm disappointed however is because I find the OIS to be rather poor. I understand the 4k vs 1080p is different, but I have shakey footage using both settings. I normally pride myself on my hand held work, but with this camera, I've used Warp Stabilizer too many times. Any suggestions? Could I have damaged the OIS in someway? I've had it for about 3 years now.

rafael franco alatriste says:


Fred Hoffman says:

Great video … question, I have an RX10 III and have lost audio record on the camera. It will record video on a remote mic but only that way. Can you help me?

Statman and Co. says:

Really helpful video. Thanks a lot ! Short video but really detailled one ! 😀

Would you still recommend it in 2018 ? I'm searching a camera with strong 4k video capability while being able to take good stills for my work (especially corporate videos where the camera would be on a tripod)

Emil Lipar says:

Anyone have experience with – Canon Speedlite 420EX and 580EXII in full auto mode?

Jere Seilo says:

Okay now I can't find strong reasons for buying normal DSLR over this on this price range. I mean I can't afford good dslr and lens kit by now so I'm going with this.

Zijad Džehović says:

Is it good for night shooting?

terry nash says:

So perfect for me then for the footy and nice pictures while on a walk 🙂 love the idea of play memories apps some do amazing things 🙂

Nass Youn says:

I really wanted to know about this camera but i couldn't tolerate the music, so i turned to other videos from other vlogers.Anyway it is personal taste and advice to you not to loose serious viewers

Nass Youn says:

Man you are doing good informative videos require viewers to listen carefully to benefit, so why you spoil it with annoying background music, it is just my opinion.

eddy c says:

is it also possible to get the bokeh look in video and foto with the lens ?

M. Weiss says:

Any idea how to enable audio output via HDMI so I can feed a live streaming broadcast? My RX10 mk III is outputting picture, but no sound.

NEO DON says:

This is one of the best reviews for this camera I have seen, but it does have a touch screen for focus?

Justin Cole says:

Great review! Super helpful!

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