Sony RX0 Ultra-Compact Camera Unboxing and Sample Video

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gvs shukla says:

why you using it plz tell me
I am from Australia

Suyeb Shaikh says:

Hey Jordan I just watched(15 mins back)you Review Video for Sony X3000 I Guess Sony X3000 Video quality is way better than Sony RX0 which is insane like RX0 is so expensive in compared to X3000 and still produce not so good Video quality, making a action Camera durable is not enough I believe it should have a good Video quality as well when you are selling it so expensive Peace✌

Luis Salazar says:

Have you done an updated review? I just got one but have a case of buyers remorse.

z352kdaf8324 says:

It's not a flipping action camera!!!!!

Chris Barr says:

The problem is this is NOT a action camera. It is a great B or C camera to get more angles and have the same color grading possibilities. This is a more very small production camera like if I wanted to film say a Band at a public bar. I could set these small cameras up on spring clamp anywhere for multiple shots. They would be out of the way of the public because of their small size.

SkymashiTV says:

looks great the cam, which lavalier mic you used for the test sounds good and I need a decent one for my reviews 🙂

akulahalfi says:

I started watching your videos again after you put on a little more weight. This is just how I recognize you from the time when I first started watching TWIL many years back. Keep up the good work Jordan and stay healthy! 🙂

Supermonkey 1964 says:

You say $500 is a steal?…Damn i wish i had your money because that's a lot of money to me. 🙂

gay shrink says:

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you sell it. You may have gotten my return. LOLOLOLOL. This camera is a POS.

Luka Fon says:

I subscribed 🙂

Colin Bloodworth says:

Another stellar review, my man. As a Sony fan, this is intriguing, but they're pretty pricy…

Scales & Moore says:

This is a great action camera. High as hell but though

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