Sony RX0 II Review β€” Should you buy this tiny camera?

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The Sony RX0 Mark II packs a 1” sensor, 24mm equivalent lens, a flip up screen, and an external microphone jack. All of which make it a great option for filming yourself vlog style or taking selfies, but at $700 US, is it worth it?

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β€” Sony RX 0 Mark II Camera β€”
β€” Sony VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip β€”
β€” SwitchPod: The minimal, handheld tripod β€”
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β€” My GoPro Vlogging Setup on a SwitchPod β€”

πŸ“¦ Product Highlights

I asked Sony to lend me this camera to check out how it would work with a SwitchPod and it is actually a perfect little combo.

It packs a lot of the features larger Sony cameras have like eye autofocus, a flat s-log picture profile, smartphone connectivity to download files, 120p slow motion at 1080p, and recording in 4K up to 100 MB/s at 30 frames per second.

And even though it isn’t a touch screen, it is really easy to navigate the menus with the four arrows, the select, and menu buttons. You can even custom set 2 of them to do want you want in either photo or video mode.

Press the left arrow to change between different photo and video modes.

To take a selfie, you press the shutter button halfway down to lock focus on your face or eye and then all the way down to take a picture which starts a 3 second countdown timer.

The Sony RX0 II has a few annoying limitations though:

* No continuous autofocus while filming. It keeps the same focus distance the entire time.
* The screen goes black after recording for more than a minute or so.
* The built-in microphones aren’t that great.
* While there is a built-in external microphone jack, there is nowhere to mount it without buying a cage or attaching it to a
* Slow motion at 240 fps, 480 fps, or 960 fps is extremely pixelated and I’d only use it for fun.
* There is no in body stabilization, but there is an electronic β€œstable shot” setting that doesn’t get rid of the micro jitters, even when attaching the camera to a small tripod.

If you do pick this camera up, I’d definitely recommend getting their little tripod, the VCT-SGR1.

If you’re doing extreme or action style videos you’ll want a more stabilized camera like a GoPro Hero 7 Black (which is half the price) or the new DJI Osmo.

If you already have a Sony RX100 or Canon G7X this camera isn’t going to add more your arsenal, other than being smaller.

To me, this is a very niche camera for people that want something VERY small to document, vlog with, or use as a behind the scenes time lapses style camera.

Otherwise I’d either buy a larger camera with more features or one meant specifically for capturing action smoothly.

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PI ALFA says:

Thanks for sharing, very useful!

Alaska Long Hunters says:

Caleb, I noticed that Sony, when you transfer your clips into Steady shot applys a hi-level stabilization similar to GoPro. See

PaweΕ‚ Przybylski says:

Hi! I have one technical question about this camera. Sony claims it has effective 15,3Mpx out of around 21Mpx. It would be the biggest waste I have ever heard of! Is it 1" sensor at all? What is the benefit of having such a big sensor, when you throw 30% of pixels away? And what is about the true angle of view and crop? Do I miss something?

Olli K says:

Good review. I've been looking to replace my GoPro5 and since you have to add stuff to this camera too, I'm going to drop it to the bottom of the list for now.

Harri J. says:

Hi Caleb, do you know if this camera drifts like the gopro? I get about 1sec per hour of drift with gopro hero 5 black. Thanks,

Visão Produçáes says:

Hi. Would you mind to tell us how to set up Sony RX0 to record in slow motion 1000fps?

Capt Canada says:

"I would never use the zoom" Well, you should try it, its actually not that bad and only x2.

Capt Canada says:

It's EIS on all the go pro hero 7 and Osmo action cameras, they don't have a sensor moving OIS around either. It's all EIS…its just they crop up from 8-22% of the picture to achieve better in camera stabilization. This is not an action camera.

Capt Canada says:

The screen time off feature can also be adjusted in the settings. Perhaps you should really look at the settings.

Capt Canada says:

It has a mode you can select that allows you to have near focus…then hit the FN button and it will switch to a far/infinite focus. His part about the fixed focus is wrong.

raksh9 says:

The RX0 has become my favourite pocket camera, ahead of cams from Ricoh, Panasonic, and Fuji. The still image quality is superb in raw, and the 1080p video quality is usable for paid work. The durability and tiny size mean you can take it anywhere and have far less worries about it than any other pocket camera. F4 isn't such the low light limitation it might appear to be, either.

The downsides are tiny screen, no stabilization, and lowish battery life. But these aren't an issue as long as you know what you're getting into.

ThePrincess1179 says:

The screen shut off time is a setting, you can change that to stay on.

Peter Carroll says:

If an external monitor is hooked up, will it keep displaying the image after the little on board screen shuts off. Thanks.

George Mihaly says:

Seems like this camera could be rad for a compact POV 3D rig β€”Β great review Caleb!

Dudeius Mannigast says:

Funny story… If a person is planing on buying a camera they should look up what kind of camera it is and if it do fit their needs. Sony have never called the RX0ii a action camera… Its just a couple of reviewers that think it is one… This camera is made to be a small durable travel camera that function as a vlog camera due to the flip up screen. It is not a action camera nor has it ever been.

Justin Connelly says:

Hate reviews that dont show any footage

Streets of Vancouver says:

that internal Sony mic is damn fine actually… some EQ/compression should punch it nicely

Teslanomics with Ben Sullins says:

The lack of in-body stabilization and the poor post stabilization option really killed this one for me. Still searching for the portable vlog rig with good stabilization and low light performance

Spencer Collins says:

The C100 mkII was such a great call for your channel (love that camera). Combined with your simple gradient backgrounds, soft lighting and clean audio it’s so easy to stay engaged, especially on your recorded podcasts. Amazing progression on this channel!

Leon Moll says:

It would be nice if you would have mentioned the difference in sensor size because thats a pretty big point. The Sony is 1" and the gopro only 1/2.3". This resolves in much better image quality.

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