Sony QX1 Vs Canon EOS 70D Camera Comparison

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Here is a Camera Comparison between the Sony QX1 Vs the Sony Canon EOS 70D.

More info on the Sony QX1:

For information on the Canon 70D

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Jose Rodriguez says:

Can this lense be used to I don't know to do some 📹? I know it's more to take pictures

Gian Hernandess says:

menta uing uing urang Indonesia

Dennis Doetzz says:

Can the qx1 shoot bokeh pictures ?

Mr. 90's says:

Do u need mount adapter to attach the sigma lens with the qx1 or just can be directly mounted?? Yeah it is 2018 now

mmj says:

Does it have in body distortion correction

1395570830 291757509320 says:

do you need blue tooth connection to use this lens add on for the phone? I want to get one for travelling but concerned i wont have internet connection in all the places i travel too.

Light Vision says:

phones have better cameras

sahad shah says:

this sony qx1 how much price in saudia Arabia ?

ِAsim Soliman says:

So can I attach a wide/ultra wide angle lens for QX ?!

Martin Andersen says:

I've been researching phone-accessories and connected cameras, like QX1, the DxO One, and cameras with BT/WiFi. This us an interesting device, but the only useful application I can think of is for attaching to telescopes and microscopes, where the size and remote feature is a bonus, and you won't look like a complete twat using it. Beyond that, I don't see the point of this one; it is too bulky and awkward to use for mobile photography, not something to carry in your pocket everywhere and whip out for social occasions for Instagram and Facebook, where you get a downsampled 2Mb JPEG sent to your phone anyway, before Instagram/Facebook further down samples it, and too much lag and compromise in features over a full camera. If you are an amateur photographer who feels they need APS-C quality, you shoot RAW and process on a computer anyway. In which case a camera with a proper grip and full manual controls with built-in screen is far more useful and desirable, such as a mirrorless with decent wifi connectivity. It's an interesting engineering achievement and great for gadget lovers, but not exactly practical for either the social snapper or the photography enthusiast. Most people are either more than satisfied with their phone camera for social sharing, or they want a proper camera with proper controls and ergonomic grip and screen with no lag.
The other interesting take on the concept of a phone-connected camera is the DxO One, a completely different take, also using a Sony sensor, but a 1" one, and no zoom or interchangeable lens, but it is smaller and lighter, and connects directly to the phone like a camera grip, which gives you some ergonomics, no lag, and access to the full resolution photo from the phone. Both are compromises, but the latter a better one for mobile photography.

Bangla Songs says:

Sony Qx1 Price How Much?

นางสาว โสเภณี มีดีที่ฮีค๊า says:


นางสาว โสเภณี มีดีที่ฮีค๊า says:


Andreasu2x says:

1:02 Biuilt😂😂😂😂

Ello Oku says:

I prefer the QX1.

Carlos Alarcon Quevedo says:

QX1 save in RAW?

ramprasad meena says:

I Love You Man…Keep it up

Min Blue says:

can it record video ?

Iluxman says:

Good job!. Thanks for sharing.

Maxthan7 says:

does the qx1 have manual focus?

Andre Nathan says:

just got this qx1, i'm damn amazed, as a casual photographer, i really like this, i bought this with fe28 f2 raw is detected in lightroom and it is small, it fits in your palm, very convenient to carry when youre traveling, damn amazed with this bad boy

run away says:

does qx1 have overheat sensor message when take long videos?

85irocz28 says:

why is it a smartphone camera u can yse it by itself

Jonathan Thompson says:

Quick question, is this able to fit on the LG G4? I know it has a very awkward shape to it.

nooberrific says:

Qx10 does that also use the e mount

James Bailey says:

"Biult in flash" 0:58

Zhorell Ski says:

You've compared a Fantastic (sigma) lens on the Canon vs an okay (border line crappy kit lol) lens on the Sony..

Derrick Daniel III says:

The canon probably has a sony sensor.

pingkai says:

I do not understand the low light performance part of the comparison, you said 70D has a better sensor, what exactly do you mean?

JBCool0729 says:

This is OK review, but what lenses you used? Everything is what lens you use. If you put an a chip lens then don't expect a great pictures or video.

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