Sony NEX-5 Review: Digital Interchangeable Lens Compact Camera from Sony

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Sony NEX-5 Review: Digital Interchangeable Lens Compact Camera from Sony


For the full in-depth review of the Sony NEX-5 / NEX5 on What Digital Camera:

What Digital Camera reviews the Sony NEX-5, the world’s smallest interchangeable lens system camera, the Sony NEX-5 has a brand new 14.2 megapixel APS HD CMOS sensor, the Sony NEX-5 camera is capable of capturing scenes up to ISO 12,800 and 1080/60i HD movie recording. Compact-like in appearance but with DSLR-quality, what does Sony’s new Sony NEX-5 venture bring to the Micro System Camera or ‘hybrid’ market? The What Digital Camera Sony NEX-5 video review…

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Ajarn Spencer says:

Tell you what bro, my iPhone 7+ makes superior pics, and video

Caleigh and Thao says:

I'm looking for a good but not to pricey camera and I'm new to this please reply ti the comment before this one haha

Caleigh and Thao says:

so if you were looking straight at the lens you couldn't see the view finder correct?

Stefan Andrews says:

check my channel for some examples of how it goes underwater with video.

ausmarte says:

I have nex 5r and met a problem – cannot rotate pictures in my computer. Only Photoshop can do that, have tried already to change some settings, but it doesnt work. Could you guide me how to do that? Thanks.

Galacticboy2009 says:

Those two cameras are in different categories of the consumer camera market, but I suppose the Nikon might have slightly more control, being a DSLR and all.
I would get the Sony NEX-5 personally though.

Mr Railfan says:

no it has a built in touch screen LCD display , but you can add a viewfinder to the top as an add on.

Keegan Hall says:

Holy crap are you Harmony Korine?

Lone Wolf says:

No just plug in which comes with the camera

Donna Noble says:

Is there a nex with a built in view finder?

samuel louis says:

Does this come with a built in flash

Acolz says:

no, the nex-5n has touch screen

Acolz says:


bigbzon says:

This was helpful, thank you.

Francisco Avendaño says:

so.. can you recommend this for an amateur photographer as me?

Ali KING says:


which better nex 5 or nikon d3100

Ali KING says:

which better nex 5 or nikon d3100

Raymond Croft says:

Does it come with a memory card???

TinaNYC11 says:

does it have video mode as well?

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