Sony NEX-5 Camera Video Review

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A video review of the Sony NEX-5 interchangeable lens camera. Read our full review at:

This is Sony’s first ILC camera and it’s currently the smallest ILC camera and smallest camera with an APS-C sized (standard DSLR sized) sensor. It comes with the Olympus PEN cameras among others, and it’s slightly more affordable. The Sony has a 14 megapixel CMOS sensor and it can shoot both photos and video up to AVCHD 1080p res at 60fps with stereo audio. It’s available with two kit lens options and we look at both: a 16mm f2.8 and a 3x zoom 18-55mm f3.5-5.6. If you want the quality of a DSLR but the simplicity and light weight of a point and shoot, the NEX-5 and it’s brother then NEX-3 are worth a look. The NEX5 has a metal body and lens mount and comes with a screw-on flash.

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Seawolf says:

Хороший обзор!

KEN BEE says:

Vintage LISA!

I had no clue you were making reviews on stuff all the way back 9 years ago. And this now makes TWO things I've bought because of videos you made more than five years ago

휘루 says:

오래전 영상이지만 저는 이제 구입해서 도움이 되었어요. 감사합니다^^

Tommy McCloud says:

jep, but in the same Time (2010) the Samsung NX100 ist much much better as this NEX5 Sony. i mean, much muhc better in Pic Quality… but this NEX5 has nice Video Settings Mode, but Pic? Nope

RealBesty says:

What do you think now, all these years later? A decent second-hand option?

Lyeah says:

Sony Alpha Nex-5 or Fujifilm ax10? Please help me.

Azhar Ahmad says:

Her voice sounds like the Canadian singer, Anne Murray. Anyway, I have the Nex 5, Japanese version, which I bought the body for USD50 on Ebay! It takes amazing photos

CraigandJane1 says:

Sexiest voice on YouTube. So hot. Oh, and great review.

PeepTheDepressedToad says:

My camera is unable to charge any suggeations?

Ballenxj says:

This is the original Nex 5, right? I'm going to have to dig mine out.
Thanks for this in depth review. Thumb up.

SuperReviewpro says:

Can you add a wireless mic?

tensacross says:

i wana make love to lisa.
there's something very erotic about her voice and the way she holds electronics.

Mario Gray says:

thanks for this video and great explaining.

Quan Minh says:

Small and comfortable

a2bbb says:

what makes this different from a dslr

Arran Ashan says:

can you plug a mic in this?

MIG says:

If you guys want to see actual work being done with this camera check out my channel. I shoot everything with this camera.

Manuel Siliezar says:

What are the diffetences between allt he N5 series?

circlebamboo10000 says:

does this have built-in image stabilization?

Sunshine Jezowski says:

The videos dont transfer onto my computer. it annoys me.

MobileTechReview says:

This particular model comes with the E-mount 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens and a screwed on flash.

Raj says:

what an excellent review. thank you so much!

Mr Hardman says:

@MobileTechReview if i ilm in avchd it wont upload into i movie. or final cut pro x. the clips all have a red 60 with a line through it. i cant figure it out please help a brotha out!

Henry Ronato says:

does your battery runs fast?

Henry Ronato says:

best informative review i ever seen.. thank you.

Ana says:

Is the fish eye lens available?

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