Sony NEX 3 Digital Camera Review

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This is my full review of the Sony NEX 3 digital camera.

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Sony NEX 3 Digital Camera Review
Sony NEX 3 Digital Camera Review
Sony NEX 3 Digital Camera Review
Sony NEX 3 Digital Camera Review
Sony NEX 3 Digital Camera Review


Nafisah Ayub says:

This is really a great review. Thank you sooo much!

J Moore says:

still a great camera! imo the video is a bit choppy, I got one used and happy with it. Be carefull with phoney SD cards floating around!

Kevin Escobar says:

great review…pictures are very underwhelming…

davidhg117 says:

so, now in 2015 is this still worth at a price of 200 bucks used?

souleimani abdeltif says:

Terminator voice 😀

David Redman says:

This is one of the more straight forward, non garbage reviews I have viewed.  Covered subject well.   Your video of the rain wasn't the best example..would have enjoyed something else.  Overall, excellent!

aponcapone says:

What the difference between sony nex 3 and 3n?

pete holmes says:

Do you breathe?…too much and talking too fast…impossible to follow

Jerome Joseph says:

very useful info about the camera – thanks

Crunchy Bob says:

I go through a lot of Youtube camera videos when I'm in the market for a new camera. I must say that this is the clearest most concise camera video I have seen, you have a real talent.
Thank you.

Kimberly Norton says:

Extremely good video!

Devon says:

Is the lens you have in the video the one it comes with?

The1creativesoul says:

I have one and I love it! I was not trying to get anything too expensive. It is perfect for me for right now. I travel and usually alone, so i was looking for something very light in weight. This is a very gd camera for some1 who wants something a step from a regular camera!

Milan Szabo says:

does this camera give users the ability to adjust aperture, shutter speed, and etc. just like a dslr? i am considering this camera because of its size, but want dlsr features and quality.

KKesicki says:

Yeah, it does : D

Joel R. says:

Great cam. I have some samples on my channel. you tube /watch?v=tL6MTE5OFHY

Aaron smith says:

seriously?! this is one of the best reviews i've seen yet, thumbs up for the awesome voice 😀

TheGrandBrand says:

Seriously? I mean, it has a full manual mode, exposure bracketing, RAW, manual focus…
I'm seriously considering buying this camera over e.g. Nikon D3000 or a Canon D1000…

EdibleTheory says:

Hi, I'm planning to buy this camera and I would really appreciate if you could share some of your macro shots using this one. Thank you so much :))

jayko23 says:

Just got this camera today. It was on clearance at Sears for $368

Cheyennebremari says:

Very good review..Ty so much.

DarthOblivius says:

Wow, you certainly have one hell of a voice for reviews!

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