Sony HX99 Camera Review – Ultimate Compact 4k Super Zoom For $450 US

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In this Sony HX99 ( Review, I will go over everything you need to know. Quick Links to key review sections below! Also, please ask questions if you have them, and support links below as well. Thanks, Jay

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Features Breakdown: 1:54
Hands On Camera Body: 6:30
Lab Sample Photos: 18:46
Real World Sample Photos: 23:36
HX99 vs RX100 and More: 33:43
Sample Video Footage: 36:56
– Selfie Video Footage: 37:25
– Zoom Testing: 40:06
– 4k Moon Footage: 42:33
– 4k Lizard Footage: 43:48
Conclusions: 45:16

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Sony HX99:
Recommended Memory Cards:
SD/ Micro SD Card Reader:
NP-BX1 Battery:
Camera Grip:
Pedco Table Top Tripod:
Manfrotto Compact Lightweight Tripod:
Sony Jacket Case:
LowPro Camera Pouch:
Camera Strap:
Sony Remote Commander:
HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable:

Sony HX99 Tutorial Videos and Guide:

Sony HX99 Beginners Guide:
Sony HX99 Pro Tips:
Sony HX99 Help Guide:

More Sony How-To Videos:

PlayMemories Mobile App:
Sony A7 III Beginners Guide:
Touch Focus Explained:–W58
Sports Photography Camera Settings:
Drive Modes, Self-timer, & Bracket Settings:
Recording Video & Movie Mode Settings Explained:
Creative Modes & Picture Effects Explained:
Focus Area & Focus Modes:
More Focus Settings – Pre-AF, Eye-AF, Back Focus, and More:
High Frame Rate Slow Motion Settings Explained:
Metering Modes Explained:

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Aleksey8bit says:

Nice review! It's long, but interesting. I want to get this pair to dslr, but afraid of image qualiy. Controls and abilitys are awsome! RX100 to expencive, so it's better to get additional low light lens for dslr for me. Realy thanks, so informative video!

Agust Bjarnason says:

I have owned the older HX90V since it became available several years ago, in 2015 I think. I have used it much as a travel camera or just when taking a walk. What I like most is the small size and good pictures. It slips easily into my shirt pocket so it is almost always available. Now I am thinking about upgrading to HX99.

Thanks for the excellent video.
Regards.Agust / Iceland.

nelo summer says:

Regret buying rx100mk3, should buy this one instead 😅

Jerry Suppan says:

Thanks for this review Jay. I appreciate the time and effort you contribute to make such videos possible. I think I have to start doing my own YouTube channel of some sort eventually. One thing I would like to clarify is, if the HX99 has some sort of teleconverter function. I like this feature on my m4/3 Olympus E-M10 Mark-III. For example, if I attach, a 45-175mm (90-350mm equivalent 2x crop) and then turn on the telelconverter function, iI gain an additional 1.4x zoom. Furthermore, this is accomplished optically and not digital zoom. So in effect I gain an additional 40% or 140 zoom to give me extended reach of almost 500mm (490mm). It is nice when on occasion I just want to have a bit more reach but don't want to have to carry along a second lens for those rare occasions. So, does this Sony HX99 have a similar teleconverter function? I think what happens is, the camera uses only a part of the sensor to gain the added zoom. But having a considerably larger m4/3 sensor and not the tiny 1/2.3" sized sensor of most 'mom-and-pop' type of compact cameras there is room to crop, in on the sensor.

The rapid advancement of computational photography in smartphones has pretty much brought about the demise of the compact, but I am thinking I might want to get something like this HX99 if primarily for being able to have pocketable zoom. My Samsung Galaxy Note9 with f1.5 and having pretty much near the same sensor size takes excellent photos in low light and is good enough for most ordinary photos as well. I can even shoot 4K/60p and of course get bokeh (comes from Japanese btw) through computational algorithms. Check out these photos I shot at an ice festival while in Hokkaido, Japan in late January.

So, the feature really lacking pretty much is zoom. (Even that's changing for smart phones though as Huawei already has 3x optical and 5x hybrid zoom.) But any, better to pay $450 for a zoom lens then to pay $1,000+ for a dedicated zoom lens. Besides, with the HX99, you get a camera for 'free' along with the lens purchase! 🙂

BTW, I'm back. (tokyojerry) This time not the blog, rather your video channel Video is easier and quicker to learn, then trying to comprehend concepts in the mind while reading through a 100-page plus manual. The old adage, 'A picture says a thousand words'. Thanks again for this video. You should consider coming to Tokyo sometime photography and videography. There's lots to shoot here. And with Olympics coming in 2020. …. Jerry

J.R. Regenold says:

My hx90v will run on a USB power bank, with no batt in camera. Will the hx99 do that? Thanks.

Tony Pierce says:

Surprisingly capable little camera. This might be great for backpacking. I'm wondering if there is a dramatic difference in quality of the images between this and the RX100.

mahfooz ceecy says:

50 mins ! Great Video.
How good are the ARW raw files out of this ? Dynamic range, Noise and all.

Frank Brus says:

Thanks, much appreciated.

Serkan Ister says:

Well done, I truly appreciate your videos and time!

Frank Brus says:

Great video. Just bought the HX99, In the video menu I don't get the otions for 24P/120P rather it's 25/100. Is there any way to access the 24P setting?

Jerry Witt says:

you do a great job thank you!!!

Ninh Nguyen says:

bought the HX99 for my 7 year old daughter while I rock the RX100 V VI while we travel.

glsracer says:

Huge difference between the HX99 and RX100 V. Not unexpected of course…

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