Sony HX90V Digitally Digested Review

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Here is my full review of the Sony Cyber-shot HX90V. Enjoy!

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Yağız Toprak OKUMUŞ says:

RX100 series are extremely expensive here, even the first gen RX100 is almost twice as expensive think about it, so I'd rather buy this HX90V instead. Besides I have a D5000 for photography anyway, I was looking for a pocketable camera for decent video quality and a reasonable zoom range, which this model has all of that. Still expensive here (Turkey), about 330-340 USD but nothing near 1600 USD for RX100 M6 🙂

Sanjay Saini says:

Nobody in their review of HX90V tells the fact that if we want to shoot videos in XAVCS HD format, we would require an SDXC class 10 memory card. Even Sony does not supply an SDXC card bundled with the camera. I bought an SDHC class 10 UHS-I compatible spare card with the camera but it has gone waste since even with this card we cannot take videos in XAVCS format. So that is cheating on Sony's part. If reviewers could point this out, it would be a great insight into the camera and viewers could be saved from buying and being stuck with the wrong memory card. Hope you will point it out in your next review.

paul keese says:

I’m having problems with focusing. Any ideas?


I'm pretty sure that's the HDMI out on the bottom of the unit.

Khazandra Rita Reyes says:

Where is theplug in mic

OtakuPanda says:

I'm tempted to buy the Sony DSC HX90V but I need to be able to connect the camera to my PC as a webcam for OBS, is the HX90V able to do this? I was going to buy the Canon G7X Mark II but then read that it is unable to act as a web/PC camera.

Christian Coasters says:

How's the actual photography? Will this thing take good action shots. For example: a roller coaster as the train is passing by.


I dont like secret talkin


Is there a microphone out there that I can buy to use with this camera to do videos

florinsi says:

Canon SX730HS is much better !

MullyPlayz says:

can it be used as a webcam???

bl4z3 j3ffy says:

the sony hx80 is the same as the hx90V

김은솔 says:

못 알아듣것다…..


Can this camera shot MP4 video ?

Yasmine's life says:

how do you pause xx

Ethan Solfisburg says:

Great review. I'm probably going to pick this up as a content creation tool. Thx again

James Ironbullet says:

Perfect review thanks alot

GamerOmpalompaen says:

does it have a microfon jack

Anderson Pimenta says:

Does this camera record in slow motion?

worldeyeview says:

I am just getting into cameras. What is the difference between the Sony RX series vs. HX series?

Alex HLUR13 says:

What are the differences between the Sony HX90 and HX90V?

Owen Reffett says:

Great review, i was wondering what camera you would recommend with a flip over screen, manual focus in video, and under $400 thanks 😁

Veikra says:

can it record 1080p for more than 20minutes ?

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