Sony HX80 Update Review – Pros and Cons

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I think it’s worth doing update reviews on specific things like… camera gear! The Sony hx80 still stands the test of time. Sure, there are other cameras out there that out-preform the hx80, BUT are those cameras $338?? NOPE. Check out my other videos about the Sony hx80 on my channel!

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Jordan Hauser Digital says:

Get an AMAZING deal on the SONY HX80 —

MakeupPixie says:

Can u do a video on how to do a blurry background with this camera ? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Craig W. Scribner says:

Thanks for the video, Jordan, but I'm surprised you didn't mention the pop-up viewfinder as a big "PRO" for the Sony HX80!

Jam on Vinyl says:

Hey bud. Been watching your vids and they are great. Just a quick question. I have the hx 80 and I feel like my videos are not as clear as I would like. I was wondering if you could take a peek at one of them and give your feed back? Is it my lighting? Settings? Thanks bud.

Atef Gilly says:

Hi. I am very confused! Which one chose Sony HX80 or Canon SX730 HS? I like taking pictures and not interested in video and do not know which camera I chose? Please help.

K Arthur says:

Just found and subscribed. I own this camera,but haven't used it much. I am NOT a good photographer…admittedly. A bit intimidated by the camera. I guess you would suggest USE the thing! I'll be checking out all your videos about this camera. Always open for suggestions. Thanks! Any comments about the new DJI pocket camera?

bigfellaoo7 says:

How would you rate the 3 formats for pics and vids?

shaolin95 says:

"Dual pixel auto focus" lol that is a canon thing not Sony. Sony uses a different system

joelnert says:

I shot my first video with this camera today and I'm struggling to get the videos onto my comouter. I tried to download the PlayMemories software onto my computer but it keeps erroring and stopping the download. Is there another way to get my videos for editing without that software?

Jackie All Over says:

I don't like the 2 black lines at the top and bottom. Is there any way to get rid of that?

Formay Youtuv says:

Can i add a light on to it? Like if I’m shooting in low light and want some brightness?

alan roberts says:

WHAT! how could you NOT point our the ultra this cheap plastic body to this camera,,iv had a few paper (Plastic ) cuts due to the bad build and ultra thin plastic , i love Sony but im taking it back to store ASAP plus the buttons ans knobs are minute and trashy fiddley and useless.

Bedlam says:

What I saw was more cons, than pros. There are other camera options that will give you the same specs, but at $100 less than the HX80. I get the impression that you are just a shill, trying to make money off people that believe you know what you are talking about. I remember when cameras were for taking pictures, not vlogging. Pathetic review, camera whore!

Jackie All Over says:

I bought this camera last week! I love it. The only problem is the very strong sound of the winds in the videos. Is there a way to fix that???


You never once mentioned performance in low light,how is it???

Woken Jr says:

Is this still worth buying?

letty &fam says:

I get this camera today 🤗🤩

Alex Disciple says:

Question; can you olso go live with thise camera?

TheVideoDude says:

Amazing quality content, keep it up!

Roberto Rodriguez says:

How do I view the pictures on sd card on the camera? Want to see the pictures on camera screen

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