Sony HX80: Unboxing, Review, and Sample Footage!

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Here is my unboxing and review of the Sony HX80. The video quality is not as amazing as I was hoping, but the pictures are stunning! I plan to keep this camera and use it for my future videos and travels. It is very powerful for its size and price.
If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask me in the comment section below!
Thanks for watching! 🙂


Life with Zoë says:

If you guys would like to buy this camera on Amazon, here's a link!:

Atef Gilly says:

Thanks for your review! I am very confused! Which one choose Sony HX80 or Canon SX730 HS? I love taking pictures and not interested in video and do not know which camera should I choose? please help.

calvin octavien hiu says:

I hate that camera more than the g7x mark 2

Adele Marie says:

This is a super helpful review! What do you use to edit with?

BhemsVlog InNetherlands says:

Just buy same camera
Ang i like it littlebit hard but still working on it hehe
Nice review☺️

It'sAbigailAnne says:

I just got this camera for my YouTube channel. Because this is my first camera I know pretty much nothing about it…I can't seem to find a video to help me set this camera up…any recommendations?

Jessy Baes says:

Turn the iOS! I saw someone who did this and their footage was AMAZING

Garrett Vlogs Official says:

4:09 It’s is for focus

Ulysses says:

Do you know if support a sdcard of 128gb ???

Daily Vloggero says:

Apple that's a micro 2.0 sub charger not in Apple charger

LOViKaif ZaidiNaKanal says:

good review

Oscar Estevez says:

thank you for the video. I was between the Sony HX80 and the Nikon Coolpix 6900. Now I know, Sony. thank you

Devon Allen says:

I just bought the HX80 and am a true beginner. Thanks for your helpful video!

bare bohemian says:

I'm a couple of years late to this but am looking for a cheaper, yet still good, camera for vlogs. Using my dslr is just ridiculous so I've been using my phone. Thanks so much for the thorough review with the unicorn, test footage, and comparison to your older camera. I was leaning toward this vs the Canon sx730 but your video def pushed me completely in the direction of Sony. I'll be purchasing one as soon as I can. I played around with both tonight at Best Buy and really love the compact feel of the Sony for my smaller hands. Really great review, truly! 😊

New York King says:

That’s how you do a review. A+

Simply Sweet says:

did u use a mic for the camera? Because the audio is on point and whenever I record the audio sucks..

Ben Crosbie says:

That flickering would put me off. Hope its just faulty. Its alot of camera for the price. Plus the flip screen is what i wanted to have. I may keep looking to something very similar. Great review thanks for that 👍🏼

shelbys nx says:

When you put your battery all the way in was it not like that on the side anymore?

Taste of Canadian Outdoors says:

Zoe, I don't own this camera and I am planning to buy one. I have a doubt that you set the resolution on 1080i instead of 1080p. I expect a lot better video out of a camera at this price range.

BizzyOutlaw says:

Great video, thanks! Are you still using the camera? Could u tell me if it is normal that the objective of the HX80 doesnt move out smooth and constant? When i start the camera, the objective is kinda lagging after 1/3 of the lenght for a short period of time! is this common?


Because of you I bought this camera like 4seconds ago thanks so much

Guest Localhost says:

A late post, but do you mind sharing the camera setting you are using when vlogging?
I got the same camera, but did not find the settings I like :-/

itslitpranks says:

one of the best reviews I've seen on YouTube thanks

Melody says:

the audio on it is so gooood omg

Giovanni Vargas says:

Good job on explaining the camera. Loved your vid .

Lee B says:

How about the stills? its a camera first and a vid second.

Patrice Gauthier says:

The audio is very good. There's a real diffrence between your old camera and the sony when you're switching.

Bryce Chapman says:

Hello cat! Also thanks for the great video!

Dramatic Kee says:

What do you use to edit your videos with ?

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