Sony HX80 Review – Compact Travel Zoom Camera with ZEISS Optics – Netcruzer TECH

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Sony HX80 Compact Travel Camera. The Sony HX series of cameras are small 30x zoom cameras with some premium features like selfie screen and EVF. Overview of HX50 vs HX80 vs HX90 vs HX99. Get a Sony HX series camera – USA: UK: CANADA:
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Compact Travel Zoom
Sony HX80 or HX99: USA CANADA:
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Michelexxo says:

can anyone please help me figure out how I can transfer the photos from my camera (hx80) to my iphone? I did the instructions in the manual and i watched some videos but nothing is working? please help

youtuber says:

5:20 the difference between the HX80 and HX90V (other model HX90 = no GPS) is NOT only that the HX90V has a GPS but it also has a Control/Manual ring.

Gaffz says:

Hi. Do you think the video quality of this is better than the gopro7? I’m thinking of buying a gopro but the picture on gopro is not that good.

Rattrap RC says:

Really cool cam. Awesome vid friend..

Axiomatic RC says:

Like the size of the camera and the quality of picture. My current camera is a bit big and I may look into something smaller this year. Great review.

fishycomics says:

I have the HX9, HX20, wx 350 , HS90 lovem.

Kwon Do Gyun says:

The video is also Sony👍

히즈하비 TEAM HIS HOBBY says:

Great sony
I like sony

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