Sony HX60V Compact digital Camera review

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Caroline Deeming says:

Hi. Is there a difference between an Hx60 and an HX60V?

László Beke says:

MIÉRT NINCS KÉPKIVÁGÁSI FUNKCIÓ? Ezen a gépen alapvető követelmény lenne. Elfelejtették?

Shaziya Sultana says:

Is it great for YouTube ?

Daniel Butterly says:

How long will the battery last

sivakumarmj Sivakumar says:

I own a s7 and d3200. I need a compact camera to carry with me. Is this a good option? How is the image quality.

Wendy Gibbons says:

How do you crop pics

Tokyo Drew says:

Good review…another vlogger said you can attach an external Sony mic via the Hotshoe? Yes or no?

Fractured Films says:

Where do u plug the microphone into

Mats L says:

If flash setting is set to "Auto flash". Will the flash pop-up by itself if needed ?
Or do you manually have to remember to pop it up first?

I am planning on buying one for my parents but if it does not automatically pop up the flash when needed, it is a no go for them!

Juan Antonio Arcos Sánchez says:

Excellent camera review. One question, this camera has Spanish language?

eLJaybud says:

Drawn between this or the Nikon 1 J5.

mata mufc says:

Hello can you tell me please as I want to buy this camera.Can you record in 720 or just 1080?

NightShooter Web Development says:

Good review, not sure about that jazz though 😉

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