Sony HX60 in 2019 – Review!

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Quick review of small compact superzoom from Sony – HX60.
Is it worth to buy in 2019? Let’s see!

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M-Galaxy says:

Tell me what do you think about Sony HX60 in the comments!

Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

2:21 Disagree! Its not easy to juse. Sony's menu is super difficult even after 2 years of jusing it.

2:32 Disagree! You can expect it to be better than in Smartphone. Because all Smartphones have digital sharpening going on, colors will look not as natural, no matter how expensive. Well this camera will look much more natural like a real camera deos.

It seems like you have no idea what you talking about

Jack Creme says:

Can you put a tripod and microphone on this

Bill Hamer says:

I've had this camera for over 4 years. I like it's remote control app which I use with my Xperia mobile. I also like it's different auto modes and manual modes. I don't care for the grainy pics in lower light conditions or the lack of good macro focus. Thanks for the video and your honest critique!

Peter Mcneill says:

This camera is awesome with the sony ECM-XYST1M mic fitted, never comes off the camera, no wires or battery needed, been using it for six years now, it's been half way round the world no problems. I have newer better equipment but this camera is just handy, still use it.

omegabravo says:

thanks for review mate 🙂

Tottykidd15 says:

How would you rate the Bokeh effect with this camera?

s5han om says:

Why is the quality on my sony hx60 so crap?

Tigerseye Heart says:

Thank you for telling about the problem with macros, as that's very important for me. Great video!

Kharmencita Brueckner says:

Ohhhhh This CAMERA is so GREAT!!! I bought twice of this same Brand. It is really the best alternative for the Big DSLR Cameras. They are light and you can zoom far away that wild animals from a far distance can be pictured undisturbed. I have it everywhere with me in my Pocket!!

Hungarian Geographic says:

I bought mine almost a year ago for only 40 pounds (second hand) – I love it.
The only headache I can not get the value of my money after this.
I could spend 400 or 600 Pounds on a new one. But. That not will be 10 or 15 times better than this little diamond…
What should I do?

YPO6 says:

Are there any affordable pocket cameras with gps photo tagging?

C7TV says:

I just bought one today for £179 (€195, $215) in store – hoping for good things!

Irene Irnlg says:

What's better and which are the main differences between this Camera and the Canon Sx620?

krtekcyberpunker says:

Testing video without sound meh

Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

I hate smartphone cameras! It's not fun to photograph with them it's just so much cooler to have a REAL camera

Eduard Ed says:

Make a video with wx500 or tz80!

Eduard Ed says:

I love how you make videos with cameras that are not new . Its epic.

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