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Akern Outdoors says:

Hey! Great videos! Best on filming hunts out there. I’m currently using an a6400 and was debating going to full fram A73. Do you honestly think end result it would be worth the investment?

Timothy Smoke says:

Just picked up a sony a6400, can't wait to start laying footage down with it

Chad Gillaspie says:

Awesome, I'm just getting into the Sony world myself, raising 3 kids its super tough to afford at first. I've almost got my new rig together, just goin' with the A6300 but like you said gets the job done until I can step up. Thanks.

Woodrow Fulcher says:

Makes me want to go out and buy a Sony

717 Outdoors says:

Love your guys videos. Audio seems to be an area we lack and I know either in this vid or another you said you mainly run wireless mics. Do you run an audio adapter with your sonys to have a wireless mic and shot gun mic?

Trent Hostetler says:

And a question I would have to is, do you use manual focus or auto focus? I self film almost everything so I use auto focus but an issue I run into is in high contrast situations it wants to “pulse and hunt” for focus which is super annoying and almost unusable sometimes 😏 is this something you ran into or are familiar with?

Trent Hostetler says:

Good stuff 👍🏽 I run the Sony a 73 with the 18-105 crop sensor lens, I know I’m giving up a little bit of quality going that route but it allows me to use a remote which is super handy if your self filming, and with the crop factor and the 1.5 x clear image zoom it gives me a range from 27-315 I believe which is awesome

HuntMan Outdoors says:

Hey there why do you switch to 120 FPS when you can just slow it down in post production?

Dually Bikes says:

Great (but long) overview that should be a welcome help to anyone. Good good and honest recommendations. Way to go Dylan Lenz!

Great Lakes Bowhunting says:

Just a heads up, you can send the zip tied Rode Mic into Rode and they will replace it. I broke mine just like that and they replaced it no problem.

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