Sony DSC W830 Review & Unboxing

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Valter Valter says:

Examples of photos???? Stupid rewiev

Vineeth Krishna says:

Dude what camera did u use to film this video

Look Behind You says:

makes a video review about a camera = DOESNT SHOW ANY PHOTOS OR VIDEO THAT THE CAMERA TOOK. retarded af

adamstrange supreme says:

One that Sony does not tell you is that you need a separate card reader if you want to export your video to your computer as I found out after connecting it to 2 laptops that would not read that there was video in the camera and a third laptop on display at BESTBUY, which is were I bought it so expect pay for a card reader.

Brent War says:

Great video! have one of them myself. zooms are amazing for filming trains which I use mine for. awesome little cameras they are.

KIDCOO says:

Is their a place for a tripod

Wayne Douglas says:

What are you talking about? Of course it takes SD memory cards.

Leo Kerner says:

I ordered mine it comes either tonight or Tomorrow 😄

Jheanelle Brown says:

What was used to video this?

Nandhu Abhi says:

In which camera did you shoot this

mark hancock says:

i just bought one but it keeps saying turn off and on again,and the zoom lens is stuck out any ideas.

Md Mirkasem Sk says:

I am confused between
Sony DSC W380/VC
Canon IXUS 190 POINT

Razer Icon says:

can it shoot raw?

YouTube Attack says:

Can i use a extranal microphone in this camera….plz ans me….i want to know that

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