Sony DSC W800 Camera Review!

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Well after 2 weeks of being away, and my account being hacked, I’m finally back! Today I have the Sony DSC W800 Review! Like, Share, and subscribe if you are new! Don’t forget the bloopers at the end too, THANKS FOR WATCHING!


Delora Thomas says:

Thank you very helpful 👍🏽

tyiana says:

Nice review! Quick Question: What sd card do you recommend buying for this camera or does it come with one?

Cb Coils says:

Does it have a "macro" mode/setting?

Ramiro Capozzi says:

Is this better than the DSC Wx100?

A C says:

All the pictures looked crap though apart from the well lit one! Looked worse than a flagship smartphone in late 2018 to be honest.

Aditya Hiran says:

where are you these days?

King Peru says:

sou brasileiro

Partha Sarathi Dutta says:

Does it support 16gb memory card??

Saurabh Yadav says:

How to remove a black screen sir

Mickado says:


Paulie A. Fantone says:

What would anybody recommend for an Sd card & what kind is compatible w/ this camera? (Just wondering)

Retired Early 53 says:

Had this camera over three years , works great ! Not a bad deal for only $ 49.00 !!!!

Deshaun Watson says:

Yo chris would you recommend thisc?

Boby Gilanhg says:

wow, for 20Mp it's incredibly soft and Exposure just blow up. still not as good as Canon Powershot A550.

Technical Aniket says:

Where we will get stand??show link

Grace upon Grace says:

This was actually a great video on explaining how good the camera was! Thanks you

Qaraami channel says:

Please settings

Qaraami channel says:

Please somaali

Qaraami channel says:

I am soomali

Qaraami channel says:

I am soomali

Qaraami channel says:

Thanks friend

Lita Perna says:

So adorable. First smile of the day. Thanks.

crossblades400 says:

Is it good for macro/up close shots? Does it regain focus for up close things?

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