Sony DSC-TX100V Digital Camera Review

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Video review of the Sony DSC-TX100V digital camera.

Written Review:

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DieselDucy says:

It does have 720 P in MP4

Tad Baker says:

How does the Video and photos work at the same time? can you set it to film and take photos every 5 seconds or is it preset?

networkn says:

What a great review thank you!

AnDJ&Muaja says:

yeh mic is not so good

victorivanvaldovinos says:

u forgot how to use the gps!!!!

Abdullah Nadar says:

What camera is good for unboxing and/or review videos under $200?

rocky552 says:

great great review!

prettylittlemzgrace says:

in your opinion is this a good camara to record make-up youtube videos? right now i am using the sony cybershot tx7

Jah-lil B says:

how much it cost now

PD4life says:

Steggy.. MLPianist c:

XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

Excellent professional review!

russodrummer says:

How transfer video avchd for my pc …

randomnoyz says:

what camera did u shoot this with

Steggy says:

Yea, in a zoom you would want to be fully zoomed in for shallower DOF, I'm just so used to turning to prime lenses on my T1i for bokeh normally.

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