Sony DSC RX100 Hands-on Review

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You asked for it (well, more than 1 of you), so here it is: a review of the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100( This new compact has been garnering a lot of attention from enthusiasts because of it being well-specced. But how does it perform in real life on-the-street shooting? Watch the video to find out…

Check out the noise test shots and photos not seen in the video here:

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Brant Best says:

Stand still and just tell me about the camera!!

Sally Smith says:

If they made an Asian version of TV series The Office, I am sure this guy would star in it.

ziggy72170 says:

Hello.. I'm looking for a "GREAT" camera for "Picture Taking Only".. I am a "spontaneous" Picture taker.. So i'm looking for a Camera that i can pull out of my pocket and take a Quick Pic, in 6 Seconds .. Will this camera Focus quick enough, to Fullfill my needs ?.. Thanks . And your show is Awesome !!!


Omg this guy sounds like one of those top gear guys

Harry Ferdiansyah says:

Is this camera still worth it in 2019 ?

Darkuss says:

In 2018 I can finally afford it

Safeeya B. says:

Is it compact? Yes, because by definition its compact.

Georgia Lavranou says:

Man you are so boring. I can't even watch 1 minute straight without skiping :/



Mickey Romeo says:

that flash is the gayest thing i've ever seen

FungSoBruva says:

Found this for £270, still work a buy in 2018???

EOH Drummer says:

Sounds like he really wanted to not like this camera, but the shot comparisons on the Rx100 won almost every time!

Colour Ghost says:

I could listen to this dudes voice for hours, very confusing for my brain though.

Benjamin Trainor says:

"It's like KY jelly on a bowling ball"

HotDarthvader75 ! says:

I love him. Don't care what the others say.

Star Lord says:

that voice dont match his face lol

pablo9364 says:

Please talk like you do in real life.

incargeek says:

It would be pretty darn unbeatable if it started at 24mm and had a 20x or 30x optical zoom 🙂

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