Sony DSC-HX90 | hands on | review | walking through Frankfurt

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Hallo YouTube, hello dear followers, girls, boys and photographers,

today I introduce the Sony HX-90, which is a pretty small digital camera that fits into your pocket.
The ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens is not the lens to use in low light conditions with its aperture of f3.5-6.4.
30-times optical zoom is a long distance, make sure, you use this focal length during day time on its maximum only. During low light conditions the image stabilizer does not prevent total video and photo footage free of shakiness.
For a price of approximately 400$ the Sony HX-90 is placed in the middle to upper price section of affordable digital cameras for you pocket.
The battery by the way keeps up one day, shooting over 360 photos or one hour of video.

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alphaphotoandvideo says:

Can you review the new 99

julie bhee says:

why I can't switch my videos to smartphones only photos…can you teach me how!

Sergio Fernández Sánchez says:

Between this and the Olympus Stylus XZ2, wich would you choose? I found both under 220 € (second hand)

Norhadin Askak says:

Love this camera… 👍👍👍😲

xDreamscometruex says:

Hi Im looking at getting the Sony hx80 or hx90 which is the better of the 2 I know the 90 has gps and front thing on lens the price difference is 80GBP.
I'm going to be using it at concerts ive got a sony h3 which i love but its 10 years old and big. I have used the panasonic tz40 at concerts but pics arent very good footage is amazing though. Is the sony range as good at video footage? Will it perform with pics better or as good as h3.
Sorry for so many questions. Please answer back 🙂
If you happen too have a review comparing the hx80 and hx90 would love to see it.


how can i do blurry background photo?

volim volim says:

why would you annoy us with stupid english system which even the english have dropped (americans are suing metric more and more)

Sina says:

low light analysis was really awesome. it is missing in most of youtube videos. Thanks man!!!

Yasmine's life says:

hello how do you pause when your recording x

Sam Sarg Dong says:

Thanks for your review.The images look very nice.

Daniel Kungana says:

Hello canon 730hs Vs. This sony hx90v? Which one do you prefer and why, thanks!

O C M says:

if i use a high speed memory card with it, does it make any deference in video quality?

GR-reviews says:

Thanks for the video. A small note: It's either German language and metric system or English language and imperial system?

Israel Magalit says:

Good review.
I find it strange that you used English units in the review. Is your main audience American?

Daniel B. says:

hello, compared to the canon sx730 which one do you prefer in image quality and in fiture…? thanks 🙂

Benson Emery says:

Good review thx

Hussein Rahim says:

I bought the Sony RX100 V instead. I'm so glad I did

MyNameIsSteph says:

Hello, ive been looking at this camera for some time, how do you think this camera would do at sporting events? like in a stadium zooming down for football or motorsport? as that is my main use for the camera ill buy. Thanks

TheLoubilou says:

Hi, I saw your reviews on both Lumix TZ90 and this Sony HX 90 cameras, and I would like to know from these 2 which one would you rather pick ? I am desperatly looking for a good compact camera, had my eye on the Canon Powershot G5X but it's ..too expensive really, and the battery doesn't seem to last long at all. I need one for pictures mostly, holiday videos, they will be used in day light and at night, probably at the beach and a bit everywhere actually.. If you have any recommandation, I would love to hear them 🙂

Thanks 🙂 Tchüüüss xx

Thomas Suryanata says:

Hello daniel, what is your recommendation between sony hx90v or panasonic lumix zs60? Already watch your review about this two cameras (really awesome) on youtube. Still undecided what is good for me.
PS : I need for daily vloging, low light, and cityscape. Thanks!

Colin Elliott says:

Thanks, informative and entertaining,

Made in ABRUZZO says:

has this camera the focus peaking option?

Mistypix Studios says:

or, get a canon 700d

Christian's Films says:

Is this a good camera for vlogging?

Rosemary Millan says:

I'm planning to travel abroad with this camera and wondering if I need local wifi network connection in order to transfer photos/videos fro the camera to my iphone…? Or I can easily transfer without any local network? Thanks so much.

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