Sony DSC-HX80 Review and Video Zoom Test – Compact Vlog Camera

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Sony HX80 Compact Vlog Camera Review and Video Zoom Test
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Sample videos and pictures from the Sony DSC-HX80:

Looking for a new compact camera for vlogging or taking great pictures and HD video while on-the-go? The Sony DSCHX80 features 18.2MP, 30x Optical Zoom, OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder, Wi-Fi w/NFC, and a Selfie-ready 3″ Extra Fine LCD multi-angle display. Currently ~$320 on Amazon

I have been using the Sony HX80 for months now and I have to say that I am very impressed with the high quality of the pictures and video and also the ease of use. The HX80 is very dependable and extremely easy to use. The flip screen is perfect for selfies or even filming yourself for a vlog or tutorial video.

03:39 – Video Stabilization
04:55 – Sample Pictures and Video
05:00 – Zoom Test


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My YouTube Setup:
Sony DSC-HX80 Camera –
Neewer Mini Table Tripod –
LimoStudio Lighting Kit –
Mpow PC Headset –
Cell Phone – Google Nexus 6 –


Gauging Gadgets says:

Still using this camera and it works great! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for watching and please consider subscribing!

Shelby D says:

This is definitely going on my Christmas list šŸ˜‚

Sammy SoCo says:

Does the camera have the skin smoothing setting ? Please let me know !

Jeff Arguello says:

Great video! quick question. does this camera take pictures while recording videos at the same time?

Blue Jays 11 says:

Can you record with the flash on?

Jennyvc89 says:

This video is great šŸ‘šŸ». What kind of SD card does this camera take?

GW -VLOGS says:

is the audio good on this camera, if not is there an external mic than can be purchased?

Josefina Godines says:

I just got this camera. How do i put my videos and photos into my macbook??? help.

Reginald Vannison says:

I'm sold on getting this camera now after watching this vid. TY!

Hike Camp says:

I would love to get one of these but the positioning of the tripod mounting attachment point so close to the battery compartment really defeats using a quick release plate. That alone ruined this camera for me… šŸ™

Oguzhan Empire says:

Hi, thank you for this awesome vid. Quick question, would you recommend this camera for like selfies or vacation pictures? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Aselia Abdo says:

Would this camera be good for travelling.? Iā€™m going to Europe and looking for a camera that will be able to take good pictures that I can later print. Thank you

Christopher Houghton says:

thanks, we just bought this camera for usd263 in uk argos shop www argos co uk for two daughters aged 10 and 12 to use for vlogging – your review is very useful and reassuring as a supplement to the sony instruction manual – we also purchased it together with SanDisk Extreme 90MBs Micro SD 4K Ready Memory Card – 32GB which was usd25 when purchased together with the camera (advertised as a 40pc discount)

SwayWay says:

Can we add an external mic? Like the port for a little tak mic?

jesuisravi says:

looks a lot like the RX100.

Karen VanKempen says:

I really liked your coverage of the camera – and I'm seriously contemplating getting the same one, so I was wondering if the problem I've had with my Nikon S9900 is something I could expect with this one. With the Nikon (which shoots 7 FPS), it is extremely slow between shots. It lags an exceptionally long time after taking bursts, and doesn't take very many in the bursts, so I don't often have successful results. How is your Sony for shot to shot recovery time?

Gregory Guzman says:

I just bought one and do you know how to turn on the flash when recording a vlog?

Oaty Dave says:

Can this take pictures of vampires?

amina dudha says:

Hi I have this camera and lost the usb charging cable I have purchased a few cables but they send me out the wrong cables were can i buy the cable

Robert MacCready says:

I am looking for a camera like this and your video was very helpful. Thanks for doing the review. Does this camera have an external mike plug?

Sabrina & Jay says:

Thank you. I will be purchasing this camera very soon

Roundbox Fitness Seattle says:


Gleice Miranda says:

I just purchased mine today!!! Is it this camera one of your favorites for vlogging?

Steadfasting says:

You own a cruise ship?

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