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In this review I take a look at the replacement of the DSC-HX50V, the DSC-HX60V. If you’re in the market for a travel camera with a lot of zoom, this may be the camera for you.

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Gear used to film this video:
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Sony UWP-V1


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Zebu 01 says:

DSC-HX50V stop working so i order this one^^

Since DSC-HX50V is my favorite concert pocket camera.

Viviana Bolomey says:

Hi thanks for your video .. I bought this cybershot and were happy for 5 months 🙁
could you tell me how reset this camera?!..
Y have a black screen and cannot enter the zoom .. I've tried to reset by menu option ( when I could ) ..but anyway .. It didn't work

Ale Loy says:

Can you adjust microphone volume level for video recordings? Does it handle loud concerts?

kido tatsuhiko says:

Man nice job i like you style what about the new Sony cameras

VK Haryanvi says:

Which is better hx60v or wx500

Aniqah says:

Would you recommend this camera for a concert, would the audio be good?

Terry Parker says:

The video clip of the dog shows this camera's main weakness, it tends to overexpose bright areas and the exposure compensation dial doesn't seem to work in video mode. Please reply to this if you know a way around this problem or if they have fixed this on the later models ie 80v or 90v. On the plus side this camera has 5 axis image stabilisation which means much smoother videos than you will get from your phone as long as you keep the camera relatively steady to start with.

I LoveDance says:

Is it a good blogging camera?

Devin Symone says:

I'm getting emtional

Heavenly journeys says:

Dear John I just purchased Sony Dsc Hx 90 v compact Camera with flip screen. And before that camera I had Sony Dsc Hx 10v camera with excellent quality. Sir I am sorry to say that the Video and picture quality of my Sony Hx 90v is not very good and appropriate even than my previous Sony Hx 10v Camera which I bought less than150 dollar than my this Wx 90v. Even spending more and more money on Hx 90v ,,we could not even get a decent quality of Hx 10v. The only quality of Hx 90v or wx 500 is their flip LCD screen and 30x zoom. But the sensor size or quality is not good because it has a small sensor,, even the quality of that lens or sensor is less than hx10 v. Please give me suggestions John sir.. Is it right .and why sony do that in the bigger price camera like this. You r my only hope to answer.

Srilatha Reddy says:

How can I transfer photos from this camera to my phone..?? Please reply me

Jason Eyermann says:

I wish sony used a better naming convention with all it's cameras. very confusing. Do you know what is the difference between the Sony DSC-HX60V and the Sony DSC-HX60Vb just with an extra b

MrCheersbagha Travel Vlogs says:

i am confused between hx60v and dsc wx500..i will be doing travel videos..i want to know which one will be better in low light conditions?? focusing is better in which one?? image and video quality is better in which one?? as i do a lot of onboard videos in it will be best to have a camera which will take smooth videos..with good frames per second..the zooming in and zooming out of dsc wx500 is very it the same in hx60v too?? please tell me which one should i buy?? you can also refer me cameras of other brands within this range, if that is better..please help me out

watisituyu says:

for beginners which one should i go for wx500 or this?

MullyPlayz says:

can you use this cam as a webcam

FlorinU says:

Ignoring the optical zoom, which is an obvious advantage, would you recommend this camera over a good smartphone camera?

pegnugin says:

Hi. I really need to choose between HX60 and RX100 fast. I am for the most part looking for the better video quality. Which one would be the better choice for videography? Any answer would be appreciated

Jacob Dombrowski says:

That auto focus really fucked me up

morningsniffles says:

Hello. Where to get a viewfinder for it? Thanks

Ikarus ebike says:

Good Day,

I want to use the Sony DSC-HX60 Digital camera as document camera (Visualizer, Representer)

1- As I understood, the camera can be connected directly to TV or projector (1920*1080), right?
2- I want to stream A4 page using a projector. Could you tell me if small letters are clearly appeared?
3- Is it possible to hide all additional information items like battery status, time, some lines… ?
4- Can the camera work without a battery? Only with normal current from a plug? As the camera will be used for more than 3-4 hours to stream the books and other things
Thanks and regards,
Usama Imam

Sonder Riau says:

I want to know If I can record with a external mic from Rode eben shooting videos….pls answer

Tony Collins says:

Best money I ever spent on a camera. Should be ideal for travelling.

keir Stopps says:

What external microphone would u suggest to use with is camera

Rudra Ditya says:

Which one should I buy Sony hx 90v or Sony hx60v??

Ishwinder Singh says:

Great video. Can u suggest which mic can be bought for this particular camera. I had purchased this camera 2.5 years ago when it was new in india. looking for a mic hat can be attached, should be v.good in quality and not very expensive as well. Thanks

Aniket Roy says:

can I buy Sony wx500

Fjjdf Jgkki says:

you riview it and dont show the most important, the zoom. jesus fuck what a bad rieview

Sarah Mc cann says:

Can you speed up and slow down the shutter speed for motion photos?

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