Sony DSC-HX400V Hands-On And Opinion

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I take a look at another 1/2.3″ sensor ultra zoom bridge camera. This time it’s a mid-range model with a nice mixture of features for the price, especially the integrated electronic viewfinder (EVF). Price wise it’s also in the middle, so given the usual benefits and issues of a fully integrated camera like this with its small sensor, is it worth checking out? Let’s look over the camera!

Get the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V Digital Camera here:

Sample photos and video (4k):

There is a potential issue with the camera and other Sony digicams known as the E:62:10 error. Here is a google search for more information:

Thanks to Camera Craft for allowing me to record at their shop:

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Scott Waldron says:

There is a potential issue with the camera and other Sony digicams known as the E:62:10 error. Here is a google search for more information:

Megan Trimby says:

How do you charge it?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

….still quite popular ? why ?

Andres Araujo says:

Anyone know how many minutes it can record at one taping?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

its already a 6yrs since its debut ? is it worth buying now ? Its SONY which I like so much ?

Paolo Cane says:

I bought this camera 2 weeks ago, and is the worst camera I ever see in my life!😂
Low noise in pics???😂😂😂
The quality is better in my phone!
I even reset the camera as Sony said to me, following his instructions, but still the same! Jpg quality compression, have problem, if you zoom in the pics after taking, you will understand.
Good luck to who ever buy this !😅

Matt The Railway Explorer. says:

I live in Japan, They have this model only in Japanese Language.

Intyalle says:

I've been trying to manually set shutter speed but am having some issues. I've read the shutter speed of the Sony DSC-HX400V is able to go as low as 30 seconds however i can only get it to go to 1/4 whether I'm in manual or shutter priority mode.
Anyone had this problem or can tell me how to sort it cause it's driving me crazy!

Sarvesh Babu says:

Is that the lens of the camera is changeable?

Norbert de Riro says:

Google Error e 62:10

hopefull kambona says:

Hey biggie
What's up..?
I got this camera but my strap is kinda difficult to fix in.. Any reviews about straps for HX400V. Plus the Viewfinder is functional and the monitor isn't… Do they interchange functions. Help please.

Adi's day out ! vlogs says:

Do you think it is a good camera in 2020? 👀👀
PLZ replay

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