Sony DSC-HX400V 50X Zoom Camera Review [HD]

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Marcelo Gomes says:

great video, thank you!

Junkrat says:

those arent macro photos…they're close up photos…macro is 1:1 those spiders are far from 1:1 🙂

Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

WOW! Perfect review just awesome made.

M 4 Mastizady says:

sir thank you for review …….. Sir this is water proof camera??

kido tatsuhiko says:

Lovely video nice voice


Can u plz explain about the charger and charging process?

KlockworXMusic says:

I have the OG HX100v and its great, I am thinking about upgrading to this though, has some handy features I really like, and I like that you can put filters on this one, the HX100v isn't threaded for filters. I am just a hobbyist photographer but I have gotten into Gigapixel images and it works great for that, use lots of zoom and take lots of pictures with good overlap and stitch them together. Works great for a point and shoot too for everyday use, I love overhearing people say "I wish I could get closer", well tough tiddies to them, but I can get a picture of the earwax in the popes ear from a mile off! Haha!

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures says:

Oh my goodness, your voice, so nice.

Mark Milan Macanas says:

This is an amazing video. I wish you'd make more gadget reviews. 🙂

C D says:

Amazing review ! Thank you.

daya daya says:

I want to buy camera
I search on net . This camera is good ?

daya daya says:

I want to buy camera
I search on net . This camera is good ?

Mbus Mbock says:

Does this camera shot in 4K

E bygum says:

Hi.Great video. Can it take photos while in video mode?
Also can you zoom with left and operate shutter with right for fast moving sports?
Thank you

Blitz Shashwat says:

Can it blur back ground like dslr

All Knowledge says:

I have had mine for 2 years. And I have found it to be a great general purpose camera, with a great zoom.

Kelly Teves says:

Fantastic video!! Love all the detail you showed us from the mechanical details to examples of photos and videos. Great job 🙂 Making me even more excited for my Sony HX400v that's currently en route 🙂

Saq Ali says:

Hi, thank you for the nice video and the details. Is it possible if you can share some pictures for night photography with manual settings?

Fun Pathik says:

Nice video.

Allan Kaler says:

Them shots where wet 🌊😂😂

Timothy Tendick says:

Zooming in on hot air balloon, were you at 50x optical or did you go to 100x which is supposed to be a lot better than just a "crop" of the optically zoomed image? I forget the name of the technology used to achieve this.

Dick Nixon says:

For a 50 or 100x zoom…hand held…the stabilization is insane.

Peter Pflaum says:

Very nice and helpfull video … thanks

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