Sony DSC-HX300 Review | John Sison

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I take a look at Sony’s successor to the DSC-HX200, the DSC-HX300. This camera adds a massive 50x optical zoom and a few new welcomed features that will satisfy nearly any type of photographer. Keep watching to see what I think about this camera.

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Gear used to film this video:
– Sony a99 (
– Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 SSM (
– Sony UWP-V1


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edi hidayat says:

this is DSC-HX300?? I think its HX350

Gamo Saurus says:

Is the hx350 better then this one. And if so , does it zoom as far as the hx300???

Ray Rivera says:

What camera do you use to record your youtube videos?

ItsDub_ says:

Im getting a 350

Bashaboina ishaq Ishaq says:

How can I blur the background ?

ciliop50 says:

Hello… what about macro feature and night photo shooting?

Kevin says:

I am doubting about what camera to buy, I was doubting between this one and the Nikon B500… Can someone help me out?

Bjorn Born says:

Tnx for this video ! Appreciate a lot

David Tello says:

Hola.cuanto disparos se pueden hacer? . llega a 100 mi ??.gracias

Boghos Ghshranian says:

Hej John i need you help. i am going to buy a camera but i have to chose btwn hx300 or A58 what do you think which one should i buy?

TheSouthWalesSpotter HD says:

What is the size of the thread for filters

pull fex says:

Sony nex f3 vs Sony dsc h300 which to buy?

sandeep gowda says:

Does it have creative shots????

chintamani pandit says:

I have this camera.. but don't know anything about photography. Where can I learn the basics.. plz suggest

predvcecerom says:

That zoom is crazy

Bleach says:

Guys i need some help i have this camera already but the viewfinder is not working its so blurry.😭
Please help

BoSsOm boss says:

how to reset ?

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