Sony DSC-HX300 50X Zoom Camera Review [HD]

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Video Review of the Sony DSC-HX300 Bridge Camera by Michael from

Unaltered sample images of panoramas, low light and mini mode are posted at the site.


Alex Antony says:

Is sony hx300 will detect audio while taking video?

Raza Era says:

My hx300 blury video on 50x full zoom .why plz help

Gold OgaNla says:

i want to make videos while seeing myself through the screen but i dont know how to switch camera what do i do?

David Tello says:

Hola. Llega al 100 mil disparos?

Jessica Morgan says:

Where is RAW and JPEG settings?? What are the equivalents?? Help!!

Yannis Sykianakis says:

Nice review! Cheers!

Arturo Gutierrez says:

How i look for the lenses for tht camera

Chris Spencer says:

does this have live hdmi from an hdmi cable or usb? I want to connect it to my drone from time to time.

Foodengineeringg says:

Hey man, I like your video but I have a doubt in Amazon the Sony dsc hx300 is of 35x optical zoom not 50x! Could you please help me out with this!?


Dude best camera review ever ! I own this dsc hx300 camera ! and the dsc h400 and dsc h300 ! they are all awesome camera's ! GREAT REVIEW !

Tech _Savvy says:

can we take Bokeh effect photos with this camera ??

Mbus Mbock says:

Lovely camera and easy to operate after reading through the reviews. Kudos Sony

saim saim says:

who is the best zoom in 50x or 100x tell me about

Stream 7270 says:

Hello I am not a professional photographer. Can you suggest me a good camra can use for home use and outdoor use

Denise W says:

does this camera have a screen shot.. when taking a video? thanks

Nathan L says:

Does anyone know if it's 60fps at 1080p???

zaftra says:

Good, just bought one today in amazon flash deal.

Simonarne Myklebust says:

is there a 3.5mm jack for a wired lav mic? i got a really good price for this camera

Ahmed Evo says:

Is this camera good for car reviews because I will make car reviews soon

Den Boe says:

"Sony DSC HX300". I am here to diss. I like the Camera but the Lens Cap spring failed due to poor design. I called Sony, they dissed me by promising to call back and did not, referred to me to their web site to buy one that will just fail again. I called again and they did not return that call either. Went to Best Buy and guess what?…… They were out of the 55 mm model because everyone is replacing the one that failed too. I have a lot of Sony stuff around the house including the first two 5 MP camera models they put out. Poor customer relations too late on an item that should not fail and I need the cap to keep dust and stuff outta there. Camera OK, lens cap crap.

Angel Miguel Cisneros says:

also it has the effect of blurring when recording a video ???

HelenaBeauty says:

I want to buy this camera but I'm reading reviews on what people think of it first.
I love photography as a hobby and want a camera that I can take quick quality close up pictures.
Can anyone tell me if this camera is good?

Muchly appreciated
Helena x

Pram Jæger says:

Hey! Nice video.  
Which one of these would you pick the Fuji Film Finepix S1 or the Sony DSC-HX300? Our main use will be outdoor footage (hunting etc.) :o)

7HeartThrob7 says:

This Was Great Review Pls Help Me Which Camera To Buy For Great Quality And Zooming Between:
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300b
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H400

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