Sony DSC H300 Camera Review!

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A point to shoot camera that is worth it. Thanks for watching! Like, share, and subscribe if you are new.

Sony DSC H300:
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VoiD says:

He makes videos in under 5 mins and he already pointed out the important stuff.

meg moo says:

Could someone tell me how to get the pictures from the camera onto a computer

Adrian Ramos says:

Hi there how can I transfer my photos directly to my phone

Making The Most Of Life says:

Thanks for this video, very helpful

Nora Stimpson says:

What's the usual way you charge it??? Do you use the USB port or do you have a battery pack to charge the AA batteries when out of the camera?

Saad Sathar says:

How can i transfer picture from it to pc

Kevin H Harmony says:

OK, you microphone sucks but your review is very good. 😀

Analiyah Dreamz says:

Is it good for vlogging ??

Night Detective says:

what camera did u use to record this video

Harrolfo says:

Which one is better in your opinion and why? That Sony or Canon SX620? I would like to have a decent camera with Wi-Fi for taking shots at some video convents (like Gamescom) and for a regular occasional use. I'm an amateur.

Manipulation says:

Is this better than the iphone 6 camera?

Lukasz Nowak says:

This camera is shit…been given one as a gift every pic is overexposed to much light no matte what settings u chose pics are just shit..took it for holiday and ended up leaving it in hotel room cause my cheap replacement phone i had at the time what was worth about yhe same money was takinh much better pictures.

Mao Templar Campofranco says:

AA Batteries in 2018??? Nop!

Bihung Baro says:

Can it blur?

Jon Smyth says:

mine after a year does not down load pics is there any thing I can do

Jonathan Buchanan says:

Where can i get charger

Olivia Hadar says:

This video was very useful! I learned so much about my new camera. Thank you!

Mr. Mata says:

Does that record in FULL HD or just HD? And how long do the batteries last? Looking forward to your reply.

Susan Wolf says:

Great video! Thank you

Jheanelle Brown says:

What was used to record this video?

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