Sony Digital Camera ZV-1 vs Smartphone |Comparison video

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Here is a short comparison of Sony digital camera #ZV1 versus Smartphone.

From crystal clear audio, image stabilization, showcase the product instantly, background focus to soft skin effect. Check out the differences yourself!

No experience is necessary to capture great looking videos. The ZV-1 is designed to capture amazing videos of you and your world, without any tricky setup.

By just pushing the Bokeh switch, you can switch background bokeh on and off – no need for complex manual adjustments.

Product Showcase Setting allows you to switch with just a single button press to settings that are perfect to show small objects in clear focus.

Check out more about ZV-1 here:
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Sony Malaysia says:

Thanks for watching! Let us know which of the function surprise you the most?
Click the link below for more ZV1 product details and updates 🙂


Is ZV-1 better than Sony A6400 for vlogging?

Adelle Bellamy says:

Hi boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

Adrie Muaz Camera Review says:

OMG this camera is power

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