Sony CyberShot RX100 IV REVIEW – Is It The Perfect Compact 4k Camera?

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Here is our full Review of the Sony CyberShot RX100 IV.

More info on the Sony RX100 IV:

Essential Sony RX100 Extras:
Extra Battery & Charger :
SD Card For 4k Video :
Case :
Lens Armor UV Filter :

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OB Genuine says:

Which camera is good for long time video recording and good photoshoot

Matt Davey says:

Most of the rear buttons are programmable, not just one.

I Hate Living in Apartments says:

what's up with no external audio on these things F**K

Sarkazz Vlogs says:

I've had mine for a couple of days and I love it!!!!

Harish Chouhan says:

Thanks for the review. Have you tested Canon G7x m2?

Olegasphoto says:

whites are so blown out. looks horrible.

Minafitness says:

I bought this camera 3 months ago, and my video quality isn't good, what settings should it be at when I'm recording?

James Gardiner says:

great review !

Miriam Imperial says:

Excellent review. Thanks for sharing!

aststacer says:

speak slower mf!

Kevin Davis says:

well done.I like your delivery,information,and style.New subscriber now.

DeVon Johnson says:

good stuff!

Tao Tao says:

csgo quote:
"that's brilliant shootin' lad"

szman167 says:

Leica D-LUX (Typ 109) pictures and video looks better from what I can see on other reviews

poemak78 says:

can the camera unit itself review slow motion videos (i.e. 24 fp/s) , or does it just play it like a 2 sec clip ?

saffa says:

Did you use lighting in this video? Btw, Great Vid!

MissBoshidoo Zairo says:

sony look like have all what pocket digital camera should have but still have -ve comments (for about 1000$ it should be somehow perfect)so does it worth its price or not??

can any one answer all that ,please?!!

Rodrigo Carabajal says:

You forgot one of the most amazing video capabilities: the picture profiles like the S-LOG 2! Around 13 ev stops of dynamic range in video!

Johannes Kurz says:

the lense is not a 24-70, focal length is a technical property of a lense. it doesnt change if you put the lense somewhere else. The field of view however changes. So this 8.8-25.7mm lens on a 1" sensor has the same FOV as a 24-70 would have on a 35mm full frame sensor

Smart Halayla says:

Cool review. Rolling shutter? don't Waste your money.

Gheorghe Falcaru says:

Very Good!!!!!!!

Kenny Chiam says:

@MW Technology , I would to know if you will be comparing the Lumix LX100 against this ? I do hope you could 🙂 thanks~ 
thanks again for the review!

A Llanos says:

Great review. Does the camera overheat in any other mode besides 4K ?

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