Sony Cybershot DSCW830 Unboxing & Review

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J&J SQUAD says:

Omg I’m starting YouTube and this video is the only one that helped me I’m using this for yt

2ndhanddaisy says:

I love the Sony Cybershot. It has good video and audio. The worst problems I've had with the camera are always the same. Dust gets into the zoom lens, settles on the sensor and then shows in the images. Especially when you zoom in. The other is the back screen, which usually goes where you can't see the whole image. The battery compartment hinge usually breaks too. I used my camera heavy though. I personally think for the price it's a good starting camera, with a good microphone and telephoto lens.

Nathalie Gonzalez says:

Is this a good camera for beginners on YouTube

Ranganathan Palaniswamy says:

I too have a Sony cybershot DSC w830 but I have a very low audio what should I do

Tamara Ching says:

You got a bargain, as it is over $109 right now on Target. I left you a thumb up for upping the video, it was so informative.

Pila Loves says:

Great vid! Do I need an SD card and if yes, which one do you recommend? Or does this camera has it's own memory that can hold me off until I can buy one?

felixDCAT PH says:

Does it have image stabilization?

Eddy G says:

Looks like the camera doesn't have very good dynamic range…average lit areas were fine but the brightly lit areas were completely washed out, at least to my eye. For that price though you really can't go wrong.

Edith Oropeza says:

Thank you for your review

Wrestler Abhi Mali says:

How to restart my camera?

Jesz Jész says:

I just bought it for my daughter . We’re going to try it today. Her first camera and she’s excited to get full use of it.

Thị Din says:

How can I import the video to my computer???

Celestial Myong says:

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Paul Jason says:

the audio is great..damn! for the price

J-E Double SS says:

Hey can long does a battery last with a single charge? because im trying to buy 1 for V-logs starting youtube.. and can you use flash while taking videos? please help trying to buy this this weekend

Kimberly R says:

Hi after u delete something is there a way to find it?like I deleted a video by accident and is there like a trash option where all your trashed/deleted items are?


Thank you very much information

Yan Shaquil says:

What about the low light

Steve Hanner says:

Nice camera !

Jitendra Gudi says:

Hi..nice video..just wanted to know can u install an external microphone on this camera..thank u..plzz reply

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