Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V Digital Camera Review!

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This is a little review i did on the camera i use for my main train videos. It`s a very good camera in my opinion.
This was filmed on a Canon Powershot G15, which i will be doing a review on soon.

Camera if you want to buy it :


DA Ontario RAILFAN says:

My camera!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Rodriguez says:

Will you please let me know how I can force the Flash to come on because I have tried everything and it wont come on. Thank you

Pancake says:

Tengo esa camara y nunca he podido gravar un video que sirva mi note 8 grava mucho mejor.

MM Passionate says:

Time lapse available in this camera?

Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

Nice Review. I get this camera soon, im very excited.

Jason Wingert says:

Did you say that it only does 60 second videos?

Varun Kumar Singh says:

How to blur the background while taking photo and how to blur the background while making video. Tell me please.

WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd says:

Hello good day Friends support and SUBSCRIBe now OK bye 🙂👍 good camera

Gourishankar Gannoju says:

How to shoot steady shot sizeb5000x3800 photo please tel me settings

The Shade Tree Fix-it Man says:

Neat camera. I like the idea that it has an eye port, which my current Kodak does not have.

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