Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI review

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We review the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI, the latest premium compact camera from Sony. With a 20.1 megapixel sensor, sophisticated AF system, and 24fps burst shooting, the RX100 VI is one of the best compact cameras out there.

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D.S Mirage says:

RX100 V, V, and VI = Overheating, poor battery life

Dr Val says:

P 900 and lumix

Kent Doty says:

Few reviewers are commenting on the touch screen for zooming and moving around screen in playback. You go a step further and leave your audience with the impression the touch screen is only for focus and shutter release. Please try this playback feature and report your findings!

Ryan J says:

Low light samples! That should be what's on everyone's mind with the loss of 1.8 aperture. There have been absolutely zero low light samples on YouTube so far. Guess we'll have to wait for the real reviewers to get their hands on it.

Bob Leung says:

Why are there no low light shot samples?

Kavarian Joe says:

great vid . i have a question .what if i want to use this camera to vlog . is there a mic accessory for this camera or is it possible to connect an external mic to it ? thanks a lot

Andrey Fabrikant says:

The most boring review I have ever seen. A couple seconds of actual footage from camera, a few shots and all other is bored face of that mumbling presenter.

Resonance says:

I'll stick with my nx300

Giuliano Reali says:

Could you try opening your mouth when you speak? It would help your international viewership immensely. Ta!

Ernesto Colon says:

How upload hdr videos to be seen in hdr on youtube from only a lg v30 which has youtube hdr

alag145 1456 says:

I'm waiting for the g7x iii

Devindran Mathiwanan says:

Was waiting a review for this compact camera.

Anez Qadir says:

still learning to use my rx100v..:p

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