Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 Hands-On And Opinion

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I had some hands-on time with the Sony WX220 compact digital camera. In this video I look over the camera and try out a few of the more unique features like the smile detect automatic photo feature and the iPanorama feature. It’s a nice little lower cost camera that has a 4.45-44.5mm (25-250mm) lens that gives you a bit more flexibility than smart phones.

Test Photos:

Thanks to Camera Craft in Rockford, Illinois for allowing me to film there:

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Donald Shaw says:

I'm seeing this camera all over the web now for under $200. Does this camera take better pictures than the newest smartphones? Trying to decide if it's worth it to have a dedicated camera for traveling to save my phone battery, etc.

Rocky Singh says:

Does this camera support 64 gb card?

ruturaj2009 says:

is this camera support 64 gb sd card?

Arun Kumar says:

Pls suggest. Can we use this for taking passport size photo copies in shop

Louis76 says:

How long dose it take for the battery to charge up and how do you know when its fully charged

Ramiro Capozzi says:

Deference between this one and the Dsc WX100?

Bikash Nath says:

Thanks! For this review

lasarith2 says:

It also stays on if you plug a External power bank until it runs out -(I didn’t realise I haven’t shut mine off came back hours later it was still on )

Sagar Patel says:

I own this one and having a hard time taking pictures in good lighting condition. In auto mode it most of the time takes completely black photos (due to 1/1600 shutter speed I guess). Anybody else facing this issue?

Ariam Grass says:

It's a little beast, i have one, Sony vivid colors, great stabilizer, video is useful for internet videos, pretty decent.

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