Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX60-V Shooting Modes review / camera tutorial

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Mark says:

2:00 really funny ;]! Thank you for your video!

ruben castillejo says:

Thanks for your effort mate. Cheers

xNukuh says:

The HDMI output is right next to the screw, I can't output hdmi when my camera is screwed on my stand. Please help!

Marke Vayne says:

Thanks for your tutorial video I've just got this camera and I've learned loads from your video!

Minas Polenis says:

Where can I find the time-lapse someone help!

Mohit Thapa says:

What's the flash sync speed of this camera?

Rinze van ROSSUM says:

Prima video, maar heb je ook een NL uitvoering? Het instellen van het MR geheugen gaat mij nog niet goed af. Op dit punt vind ik de video voor verbetering vatbaar. Niettemin: chapeau Timo!

zain K says:

i dont know what is ni on top of it in center

Henri de Feraudy says:

9:20 : You were probably searching for the term "exposure" instead of "lighting". Very helpful video, thanks.

tony green says:

great video I've learnt a lot a question if you can help why do the colours in the view panel not match the object I'm trying to photograph some colours are worse than others, thanks in advance of any replies

I Racer says:

Great video! Danke schon!
I bought this camera a year ago and haven't known how to use it properly until now. I will be watching this video a few times. The movie mode on this little compact camera shoots great quality videos in full 1080p HD 👍

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