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☆ Sony DSC-HX50 Unboxing, Overview & Pic/Vid/Zoom Review.
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Kevin Behr says:

I second Waynes comment, I would have liked to see more on battery details, life and size etc, also what the screen was like in bright sunlight.

Norhadin Askak says:

Do giveaway plss.. i want a camera like this..✌

Sam Caglar says:


Victoria lawrence says:

is there a flip screen

Vincent Uservinc says:

I bought this camera two years ago for a trip. This guy shoots blurry images 1/3 of the time! It delivers bad performances either in auto or manual modes. And I don't even talk about low light conditions, this is simply weird, should it be steal images or videos.

TheOneTrueGamer says:

is there a port to plug in a mic or does it have to go straight into the hotshoe with no cables at all?

John McBride says:

yes, i have two of these SONY HX-50V cameras and they are lovely….so thrilled with my ones. ..the zoom is remarkable… an unbelievably great zoom they have on them. PERFECT.

Alin Catana says:

Can I use this camera without the battery? Thanks!

Sebastian Sauthier says:

would a rode video mic go be good with this camera or would it be top heavy because of the camera's size? thanks

BEKE says:

i like this review 🙂

Helena H says:

on the fence wether to buy this or the a5000 any advice?

JohnnyZenith says:

IS this any good for making youtube videos?

Tracey says:

Does the camera have filters?

Cerne says:

Thanks for your review. I'll be buying one of these soon!…

Hennypenny8888 says:

Get the 'V' version with GPS. The newly released HX90V is all I want in a compact camera, but the HX90V is now only £189 at Currys/PC World. Wait a few more weeks, and the price will plummet even more. You should be able to buy a used HX50V for under £100

Culan Goofy says:

Audio & Video / Audio Players & RecordersHyperCam is a desktop camcorder for Windows which saves all activities to a Sony DSC-HX50 Compact Camera   Photo Quality Test; Day, Night & 30x Zoom w Commentary   MyKeyReviews.mp4 :  Do not delay go and buy one quickly. The time is money. Awefull..

MyKeyReviews says:

@ Lukas: If you're looking for a camera that can truly handle low-light well, then you're gonna want to look at cameras with larger sensors, and they cost more money.

Lukas FreshEF says:

I'm searching for a new camera for only 170-230$. I don't need 30x zoom and 20 mega pixel. I just want it to perform good in lowlight and great in daylight. Any suggestions?

EastAngliaUK says:

The zooming seems very silent when doing video which made me sell my other Nikon all the others I have looked at seem noisy.

s4m155 says:

+MyKeyReviews  Epic review, can you please tell me how you record using the flash as i cannot find the button to do so

JONvincible says:

Great review! Thanks for posting this. Your production value is top notch! Subbed!

liseev says:

great video, i came here to look at this camera as im wanting to buy, but i really want a camera with a viewfinder with this quality and price!  any suggestions please 🙂

Wayne Jarrell says:

I think this is the best review for any product I've seen so far on YouTube. Fantastic job.

Mai Va Lee says:

should I return mine sony WX220 2014 model
and get this?

Random videos by Joe says:

Is there an external mic for it? if so, can you put a link to it?

Joanne O' Keeffe says:

I'm looking to buy a good camera, not too professional, but not cheap either. I am torn between a Panasonic Lumix GF6 which I have found at a cheap price, and this Sony Cybershot x50. Can anyone help me decide/ which one might be better? Thanks!

Mike van Holsteijn says:

this camera has background defocus right?

The Gamer says:

hello! i have the same camera and im having a problem with finding the drive system. how can i turn the self-timer off? if you make a video about it,it would help a lot!!~ thank you :))

ATH ath says:

you have strange Accent were 'r you from ? 

exzemoron says:

I am interested in buying this camera. But I would have two more question for you, hopefully you can help me: what do you think about taking pictures in concerts with this camera? will stage lights be good enough light source for the camera without blurring the pictures?
And second, is the camera screen really that bright that on sunny days you can't really see what are you shooting?

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