Sony Built a "YouTuber" Camera | ZV1 Hands On Review

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The Sony ZV1 is everything I wanted the Rx100 V to be and I love it.
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DMA Gameplays says:

whats the brand and model of the bike

James Bailey says:

Cool video – what are those bikes you guys are riding? Are they yours or did you hire them? Thanks

Warlock M says:

Can't lie, am tempted though it'll be way pricier in my country. Part of me still wants an updated M50 or something else. I've got at least 3 more months of indecision before I give in and just buy something rubbish.

Flávio Fonseca says:

Comparing this review to Justine's review, they non-comparable at all, Sara just does it miles better than Justine. Justine just have more PR in Youtube world and that's why she has more subscribers and views, Sara is way better when it comes to content

Kingston Modiselle says:

"Don't tell me what to do" turns head

Murray Crabb Fishing says:

This thing looks amazing, great review as well.

Michel Denault says:

Good. Video Sara ,,ive been a fan for quite awhile,,,can i just trow in you are so cute those blue eyes 👀 an fair skin you are blessed with those traits
and dont even know it ,,keep it up

Optical Noise says:

so keen to test one when they get to south africa.

lboymusic says:

this is crazy, for this price you buy the much better Sony A6400, or the Fuji X-T200… what was Sony thinking?!?!? My god!!!

Ben Zuckier says:

Mmmh loving that new intro music

Oliver Roozen says:

Everything that we wanted… except MicroUSB instead of USB-C???? And is that MicroHDMI!??! Excellent, those ports will be unusable within two months. The AF is seriously impressive though.

Bill Feinberg says:

Sara…You sold me! I love your production and presentation, mixed with your unbridled enthusiasm! Sony needs to add you to their Pro Services, and loan you product long-term.

Shigeki Nakayama 中山繁樹 says:

still very shaky

Someone Someone says:

MKBHD: Wrong frame rate. 4:40

DarkPa1adin says:

what's the recording limit?

Scratching Beyond The Surface says:

Sony did so good with this one…

Kevin Lu says:

Already preordered it!

NicaHarlista says:

There it go my credit card again.

John Luna says:

i love john. we should be buddies lol

Fernando Goya says:

And yet, with no mic jack and TERRIBLE mic position…

Caio Amaro says:

O lucas amou seu pêssego. Onde você comprou?

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