Sony Alpha A6500 review: a mirrorless camera for all your digital needs

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Note: Shots from 1:30, 2:55 and 3:03 were taken with a Zhiyun 3-axis handheld gimbal. 4K can also be shot at 30fps & 25fps.

Designed to blur the boundary between Sony’s APS-C lineup and its Alpha 7 full-frame range, the A6500 is a modest evolution of the A6300, though it does pack some tempting new features.

With a wealth of features, advanced AF and decent burst shooting, not forgetting 4K video, the A6500 looks like it could be a great camera for a range of disciplines. Here is our full review.

Read the full review here:
4K footage here –


Daniel Danrich says:

You 'up talk" like valley girl dummy

danhuntermedia says:

This guy was really difficult to understand had to bail out half way through

Hudson Reynolds says:

Useful review, but you gotta talk louder. Also get better footage, not so boring. Useful, I'm buying it tomorrow!!

Vikingdescendent says:

Why show an image stabilization sample with this camera while it sits on a gimble?

Nick Smith says:

I literally couldn't hear what he was saying

Gustavo Ibarra says:

Would like to know your opinion on that lens in particular, I got already the camera and I'm surfing to find reviwes on the zeiss24 but there are not so manys 🙁

Kaioshin Supreme says:

All time boring information, too many reviews with same information. We need different points of review. Do something different than other reviews.

Maddoggtannanify says:

Most boring review

Ryan Anthony says:

You can do 4K @ 30fps too. You only mentioned 24fps.

abu abdullah says:

hello… me I know the price please

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