Sony Alpha 700 camera review by What Digital Camera magazine

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Sony Alpha 700 digital camera review by What Digital Camera magazine

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mattfreund says:

but it is not a real mirrorreflex camera,,, the mirror is transparent so it doesnt slap up and down… it's still a good camera for amateurs

Amateur Photographer TV says:

@asdFRap No. This camera is old now and discontinued. The new version, the A77, does record HD video

Michael Klekowski says:

Hi guys. If you would like to see how good the Alpha 700 is just have look at my web-

Mark L says:

Just bought one of these (£549, body only) and tomorrow I'm off to Chester Zoo to try it out 🙂


ermm relaxxxdems go for nikonD3!


the only reason i am considering this camera is beacuse even the cheaper lens's feel very well made

William Cheah says:

i know a900 out, but too expensive for me. i expecting something like a700…cuz theres been rumor new one coming soon

William Cheah says:

any idea when the newer alpha coming out ? a800 ? a750 ?

Thomas Ward says:

Since the Version 4 firmware update for the A700, it more than matches the D300 in RAW performance, they do share the same sensor after all.

shmeldrick says:

HEy n40798, I have an a100 and I find the super steady shot very good but the only downside is if you're using a heavy lens there's no in-viewfinder-I.S.

silentalexx says:

omfg!!! haha just hilarious 😀

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Good choice. We did a group test of the D300, Alpha 700 and Olympus E3 recently (the Canon 40D is not in the same price bracket) and the D300 comfortably won, though they're all excellent and have their own special qualities.

n40798 says:

Are there any down-sides about having the image stabilization in the camera instead of in the lense?

N0rdman says:

The Sony draws a lot of pedigree from its predecessor Konica Minolta and handles beautifully, best ergonomics in the market. Solid performance and remember; Sony and Konica Minolta all started making consumer products, not like Nikon that was originally into military optical instruments and later made third part lenses in 1935 for a company making copies of Leica cameras, that company was Canon. Go for Sony I say!

Lord0fSteel says:

Yeah, grat advertisment – where is the critique?

bigcat1986 says:

just got this baby yesterday, awesome camera!

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