Sony Alpha 350 DSLR review by What Digital Camera

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Sony Alpha 350 DSLR review by Matt Golowczynski of What Digital Camera magazine

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okay says:

nigga you a fuckin egg my guy, a whole ass egg

Kennynva says:

Is there any advantage to having the a350 over the a300? I think the MP is the ONLY difference but I dont know…The biggest problem is the screen breaks on just about all of these…the tilting idea was 'ok' but canon with it's flip out and spin the screen is way better.

Yah Best says:

Hi anyone, Can this a350 record videos? How does it work? Please advise, thanks.

A. bajaj says:

I just ordered mine. 14 mp aps c ccd sensor are the reasons enough!!

Alkesh Chauhan says:

i just bought alfa 350 i can not transfer (view) images in my laptop or tv
can any one please help me
thank you

Tim W says:

I have the a 350 with an cf card from 45 mbps but when i shoot photos in drive mode continu my a350 takes photos from 1fps after 4 seconds is that by you to ?? pls answer ?

maureenOWW says:

@maureenOWW Yes, I misspelled 'than' for comedy effect.

maureenOWW says:

Perhaps they could employ someone who could speak acceptable english next time. 'Fum' (thumb), 'Wiv' (with), 'Lihel' (little)….you get the idea. The letter T is there for a reason, if you don't use it you sound like you've escaped from a production of Oliver or My Fair Lady. I've seen italian and spanish reviewers with a better english pronounciation that this.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

@praburamanathan The Alpha 350 does not have a 100% viewfinder. I think its about 95%, which means you get a bit more in the picture than you see in the viewfinder. It should be an even amount on each side but perhaps in your case it isn't.

Prabhu Ramanathan says:

Hi, Recently I observe some shift in y-axis once I take a snap. Do you have any idea of why this is happening? Little more detail: I see a an object which is completely in the frame. After taking the snap, the object lies little bit shifted from the frame. Thanks for the support.

Wurst und Soße says:

>dy2dlb: you can find the a350 manual online, google it 🙂

Donald Balacuit says:

hahaha, Your right.

Snakeman418 says:

How much are you asking for it?

Jose valdez says:

I have the A350 and i love it so far but will have to sell it because i notice i record alot of mini videos and it makes sense to just carry around one dslr tht can do both record movies and take great pictures..sad to see it go but if anyone is in the market for one let me know.

Donald Balacuit says:

thanks but i didnt work. one else should i do?

Donald Balacuit says:

help me please. my aunt gave me sony a350 but the nenu is in japanese language. what should i do?

ndn2369 says:

Sony Style has the a350 + 2 lenses + the veritcal grip for $699.99. Savings of $480.

ryanking23 says:

Yes I do. And it is wonderful…

ryanking23 says:

I have a Tamron 17-50 2.8 which is excellent. It has a slight wide angle at the 17mm range and no wide angle at the 50mm telephoto end. Stop the lens up to f/4 and pictures are SUPER sharp. The slight wide angle is perfect for group shots with out adding much distortion, and there is very little darkness in the corners. It's well worth the $400. You can see other reviews on it online, and it usually has 5/5 or 4.5/5 marks. Best thing you can do, is go to a store and try a few lenses on.

quack18 says:

ive got the same question, its killing me, i cant make up my mind of which to go for , did u end up buying either one

Ket says:

350 body only = about £400
Carl Zeiss lens you recommended = £500

total = £900

would it not be better to just get a better camera kit to start with? say something like Nikkon D90 kit.

Brad Davey says:

I bought the a300 which is the exact same camera aside from the pixel resolution. I have the 18-70 + 75-300mm pack but I barely use either lens. I bought a used Minolta 50mm 1.7 prime lens on ebay for about $100 and a brand new Tamron 17-50 2.8 wide angle lens and they are amazing for low light, indoor shots.

tan hock jun says:

it depands what company you like,because there are no best camera in the world, it is just only getting better.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

See some image samples from this and other cameras at our website. Go to Equipment>Digital SLRs>Sony.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

There's pros and cons for each, Optical Stabilisation is arguably more effective because it can be matched to the lens (ie a big tele lens needs a different solution a shorter one), but more expensive since you have to buy the IS again every time you buy a new lens instead of just once, as with in-camera IS. But I think any differences are subtle and marginal and not worth agonising over.

Minyahil says:

well i dunno if i would call it a downside cause its just that you wont be able to see the image stabilization at work, but wether it is in the Lens or the Body shouldn't matter as they both work effectively, its just very reassuring when its on the lens because when it is turned on you can see the effect in the view finder.

hope that helps.

n40798 says:

Are there any down-sides about having the image stabilization in the camera instead of in the lense?

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