Sony a9II Camera Review by an Actual Sports Photographer

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Real-life review by an actual sports photographer of the new Sony a9II camera. I spent the last 9 days in 4 states, travelled over 2,000 mi., shot 4 football games, a soccer game, a hockey game, and shot two lit portraits. I put forth 18 reasons why I will upgrade my a9’s to a9II bodies and also mention 6 different pain points on what I hope to see in either future firmware updates or the next sports camera from Sony. I am a Sony Artisan of Imagery which is why I got to use and shoot the camera before its actual release in a couple weeks. Keep in mind that all reviews of Sony cameras can become dated as they put out firmware updates that can change the features and specifications of the camera from when it was first released.


shaolin95 says:

2 stops that is beyond stupid and misinformation man , anything else you say can't be taken seriously says:

very good suggestions for Sony, hope they will listen

Cardinal15Photography says:

Definitely need the medium raw for a7riv

Insight Eins says:

Thank you for this great video!!!

SwitchRich says:

Having to disable the electronic first curtain shutter to prevent banding when shooting HSS flash is my main issue. This adds 100ms of shutter lag, but at least it's faster than 170ms on the A9.

Rob Verduyn says:

Just wondering what style and name brand of rain cover you use for your cameras. Thanks ahead of time. Great video.

Brian Savage says:

I really enjoyed this video. People need to know that not every iteration of a camera can be this glorious world-changing, magical product that fulfills everyone's wish list. Sometimes it's just stuff that professionals need to do their work properly. That being said, the last part of your video is especially appreciated. Sony needs to get their head out of their butts and address glaring issues like sensor protection, sync speed, file size, and the stupid wifi connectivity issues!
Also, I'm glad you pointed out the fact that this is the camera people will need to get if they want future firmware upgrades. That's a pretty important thing to mention that I haven't heard anyone else mention yet.

Stefan1968ful says:

The only good aspect of the Sony A9 Mark II is that it makes the Sony A9 cheaper 🙂

Daniel Ockeloen says:

Good to see comments turned on now 🙂 , on point 5 can you explain more it does voice -> text inside the camera or on the ftp site ? if it does it in camera where does it store it in the exif data ? Would be cool to 'star' and 'title' a image… "5 stars great shot from player" …

Stuart Schaffner says:

Wow! Thanks for all these insights. I’m not a pro and I shoot wildlife, not sports. However, you said a lot of useful things for me. I would point out two differences between sports and wildlife that may or may not be important. First, sports players wear contrasting uniforms. Except in mating season, most wildlife is dressed in full camo. Second, other than other players, most sports fields are open. Most animals try always to keep something between themselves and prying eyes. No matter how tight the focus area is, there’s almost always some grass, branches, or leaves an inch or two closer to the camera. I eagerly await a pro wildlife photographer making a similarly careful review.

Zaheer Kader says:

This unfortunately feels like a stopgap for the next a9… Pity could have been so much more

tebi tan says:

Hi, does the new battery grip also charge the batteries? Like on Fuji X-T3 or Canon EOS R?

Fitz Michael says:

I think Sony needs to sell the firmware A9II

Paul Glass says:

Excellent review Patrick. Cannot agree more with you regarding the six points that Sony could improve at so little cost or expense to them. Especially the improvement that could be made for spectacle wearers like me/you and others glasses wearers who struggle to use their EVF. As you say for a software change to reduce the size of the EVF to enable full comfortable view for glasses wearers would be a godsend and make shooting far more practical. Also whole heartedly agree with the remark about the ‘toy’ neck strap clips. I’ve removed mine and use a Black Rapid Strap utilising the tripod screwed connection. However I still wish I could remove the clip holders which are so ergonomically unfriendly to the hands. As I say great review, I hope Sony take the comments on board to improve what is the best camera on the market spoilt by a few silly oversights that could be so easily put right.

Andy Sheridan says:

Great review, telling the sports photographer view point. I have seen the photos taken you have taken on the A9ii, they look great. Now I'm thinking I need a A9ii to go with my A9.

Simon Fuller says:

Hi Patrick. It's my first comment here but I have been watching your videos for a while now as I really like your straight talk, real use practical advice and practical critique. I just wanted to say thank you for all the time you put in. I have just invested in an A9 when my A7Rii had an issue before many big projects, so I am enjoying it for portraits and events along side my A7iii. I've got to say, I am impressed so the A9ii with all you describe is an awesome development and step forward for all us Sony shooters. Where I live, its still the island of Canikon. Thanks Sony and thanks Patrick.

Bonfoto CC says:

Hello, are you interested in review our tripod?

Lemar Griffin says:

Amazing as always Pat thanks for this video!

anthony71571 says:

Very impressed on your delivery, especially in only two takes. Great job.

The Aaron Perry says:

Can't wait for mine! Thanks for the video man!!!

JoeMustang99 says:

Excellent review and I value your comments on your experience. I knew you were busy but I checked back every day or two last week to see if you had had a chance to put your thoughts together. Good job.

Aussie Jay says:

I actually replied to a comment on facebook and pretty much said what you did on #18 about how they will release fw upgrades b4 the olympics and im sure there will be some surprises… good video, thanks.

Wes Perry says:

That’s odd about the 1/200 sync with pocket wizards. I generally go to 1/250 with Godox with no issues. I wonder if you could squeeze 1/320 out of them with the a9 now…

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