Sony a7S III First Impressions Review (4K/120p video, 16-bit Raw video)

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The Sony a7S III is Sony’s new video-focused mirrorless camera. The a7S III shoots full frame 4K/120p video, supports 16 bit Raw video and includes all-new high bit-rate video codecs.

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WobbleKun says:

how is there no overheating though. i dont understand. hows it that big of a difference to the canon even at 4k. what is this sorcery?

TQ LLA says:

Its like Sony forgot that they designed a screen that could tilt without flipping out, on the A77. Why didnt they implement a similar tilt/flip/rotating screen for the A7Siii? They could even have the flip hinge on the side (instead of the bottom), if they desired.

Brooks Gray says:

The colors looked so much more pleasing on the graded Cine-D than S-Log.

Gerald Baria says:

Invisible camera was hilarious.🤣

Chris Klugh says:

Crap… A Sony camera I see myself using… vs the S1H… a7S III is the best mirrorless video camera now.
Minus some features, I think the AF will more then make up for it. Better low light I would image too. And the improved color science!
Look forward to the dedicated S1H vs a7S III videos to come.

Juro Malazo says:

Canon GM 85mm F1.4 at 6:28? 🤔

IamNeil aRon says:

@12:11 When you recently bought a steady cam. XD

J Jones says:

Excellent detail and perspective from Jordan. I enjoyed watching this video.

John Tan says:

Never had issue with previous sony menu…. so now instead of horizontal menu they made it vertical

gr33ndest1ny says:

I hope we all get an update!

mugdays says:

In what way is the Canon R5 a better still-image camera than this Sony?

Nick Granville says:

Who uses headphones when Vlogging? No one does so the cables in the way point is moot. Otherwise a good review. Thanks

cadmus777 says:

All I need now is an A99iii with the evf and rear panel in the same fully articulated design (not the flip out to the side), with some of the newer focussing features, and it'll be perfect.

marty sender says:

Jordan. I got a question. Given the choice, i say given the choice, would you buy an S1H, the new A7III, or the R5?

Ramatis HC says:

Fellows, I love your reviews, but you need to improve your skill on color grading. It's really awful. Don't care if you using Panasonic, Sony or Canon. Please, adjust better the skin tone.

Alexandro Nuñez says:

Real review starts at 7:05

Carlos Alvarado Photography says:

Hey Jordan! I know it’s early, but if you had to choose between the S1H or the A7S3?

J C Lovera says:

7:05 "All I want is the perfect camera. All I want is the prefect camera….." 😂😂😂😂😂

Matthew Krull says:

6:28 "Canon GM 85mm F1.4" Now there's a typo that's gonna upset a fanboy somewhere…

Gao Yang says:

Nice haircut, Jordan

Comet2099 says:

6:28 Canon? GM 85mm 1.4?

Eugenia Loli says:

You should NOT record in 10bit 4:2:2. You should record in 10bit 4:2:0. The visual loss is minimal (not eye-viewable), BUT your files will be magically EDITABLE. You see, GPUs don't support 4:2:2 decoding, only 4:2:0 for h.265 10bit. We're talking about many times magnitude of speed difference when editing with Resolve or Premiere.

Ismael Martinez says:

My iPhone 11 is 12mp and shoot 4k 60. Nothing ground breaking about this.. Off course they fixed many pf the things like color menus, but still its $3500 for 12mp.

Punk Rachmaninoff says:

so glad i bought an X-T3 now, TWO YEARS AGO!!??!

Kepano 808 says:

Jordan…did you get drafted? when are you joining the army?

The Don DeLuxe says:

My Canon 5D from 2005 has higher resolution for still photos😄

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