Sony A7RIV A7RM4 Camera Review

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Sony A7RIV Camera Review: It may be helpful to watch this movie on a 4K screen when viewing the sample images in the 2nd half of the review.

After four full day’s of shooting using a range of four GM lenses I provide my findings on Dynamic range, High ISO Performance, Autofocus tracking capabilities and image sharpness and detail.

An Album of Ultra HD Images (complete with Metadata) that were used in this movie review can be viewed here:

Full Resolution Images can be accessed here:
Note: All images are copyrighted to Mark Galer and Sony Australia. Do not share or republish without permission.

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The viking cam says:

16:34 Holy Shieet that made my eyes bleed, blood. Sharp aye??… 😀

Skeye One says:

Thankyou for the review. I wonder about the use of a 200-600 G with 1.4 TC on a A7R4 does the Tracking work with the R4 because it doesn't on a R3 because of the Aperture (F9)
It works on a A6400 and A9 but now with the new Eye AF tracking mechanism I was curious

alexands1 says:

Any thoughts on whether the 16-35 f4 FE lens can take full advantage of this sensor? I'm trying to decide whether to sell it and save for the GM version. Thanks for a great review. Your reviews are much better than those of any of the other Sony artisans.

Foto4Max says:

So the a9ii will have more resolution? Great news!

T W says:

… so Mark, the a7r IV ist the best option for video? Do you know if the smalrig cages for the a7r III will fit for the a7r IV?

Tony Pierce says:

Thanks for this review and commentary, Mark.

Daniel Ockeloen says:

Very solid review Mark, Love it.. So now i want sony to release a 100400GMV2 i guess, still not sure about this or waiting for the a9M2 with 36MP or 42MP.. sigh… some nice new features.

Stefan1968ful says:

If I need a high resolution then I take the Fuji GFX100. It is like a Porsche Carrera and a Ford Mustang. Maybe same speed but of course I would choose the Porsche. Here the same…you just get a Sony with an A7R4…(puke).

Leon says:

Always love your instructional videos 🙂

DoomedRace999 says:

the sensor or the r4 is a very slight smaller than the r3. What difference does it make?

Wide Angle says:

?????I have around 8000$???
I am the new Photographer and a habit, my passion is landscape and stress Photography. Next year, I want to jump in to fullframe camera. I did think about Sony A7r3 and now A7r4 is coming. It is make crazy I love that. I want a camera that, I can use them for long term. For the lenses I love Sigma. And the new coming 14-24mm and 35mm I must to get them.
What do you think?
Should I get A7r3 or A7r4. And the sigma lenses is really good for me?
Thank you.

Kamera Kasino says:

Awesome Mark. Can you tell me what is that LAV mic you're using?

TagTheShooter Photography says:

great review Mark as always.. i wont be getting it . least right off.. i perfectly fine with teh a9 and a7riii and a7iii… but once a9ii comes out i will get it. and maybe when a7riv is bundled with some deals next year i might. but do like some of the features they added.

Nagy Sándor says:

Thank you Mark. I am intrested in one important question for me. My A7R III has some serious banding in certain artificial light conditions but A9 does not. Is there any improvement in the A7R IV in this case?

pete draper says:

Nice review Mark, thank you. This may be a replacemnet for my A7III in 12 months time, depending on whether Sony relesaes something more appealing to me. I will not be replacing my A9 anytime soon as it is just so good. I've just replaced my 100 – 400 G Master + SEL20TC with a 200 – 600mm + SEL14TC, so I hope the A7RIV works well with my new lens.

Joel Rivera says:

Perhaps you could help me understand this premise: if I camera can shoot 10 frames per second, doesn’t that mean Only 10 photos??? How come the the camera takes 68 images if Sony is saying it can do 10 frames a second? I’m confused by those number. So it means a frame per second it’s 6.8 images instead of one? If so , why don’t they say it can shoot 68 images in a second, not 10 frames per second? I’m confused.

Amrit Gurung says:

I was about to get Nikon z series but this R4 made me crazy. Hope to get a peace once it arrive in Market. I am from South Korea, please let me know when will it be available here?

Daniel Ockeloen says:

First !, sorry Mark had to be done ! … Now i need to find 38min 🙂

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